4 Ways To Help You Plan The Perfect Diet

In the present world, everyone has become body and health-conscious. Most people follow a diet plan and workout routine. Working out simply burns calories and does not recover the muscles, so it is important to take adequate protein. To avoid cramps and after-workout stress, a person must follow a weight loss meal plan

Make sure the facts are correct.

A weight loss meal plan varies from person to person as many factors determine the correct type of diet intake a person should be having. Factors like age, gender, amount of physical activity, metabolism rate, and history of the person’s health are important determinants. For instance, it is said that the calorie intake of a man in rural areas must be higher than in urban areas. The simple reason is that men in rural areas are involved in physical labour that requires strength. Research shows that rural men need 200 calories per day more than urban men. There are many apps and websites where it is possible to calculate the calorie intake based on age, gender, and physical activity a person is involved in

What is the perfect diet plan?

A diet plan does not mean starving yourself. Many people get the connotation that weight can only be lost when starved. This, instead, has a negative effect. When the body gets used to starvation, it cannot take in any food that fills your tummy. It leads to weight loss in days and has severe repercussions like vomiting, indigestion problems, etc. 

Hence, a better alternative to filling your stomach while dieting is to eat foods that are low in calories and have fibre that is filling. A snack like a fruit or a vegetable salad is healthy and fills your stomach. A protein shake also is a good alternative, except it is high in calories. 

A good weight loss meal plan should include high protein and fibre. The number of carbohydrates consumed should be reduced. Having a high-calorie breakfast keeps you full till lunchtime. The number of calories consumed must be decreased as the day progresses. Dinner should be a meal with the least calories and carbs. This is because a person is active throughout the day. So having a high-calorie breakfast gives you energy and gets digested quickly. 

When is a good time to snack?

There is no good or bad time to have a snack. It depends on the type of snack one is having. Generally, a typical day in a person’s weight loss journey would include three major meals and one snack meal. This snack can either be consumed before lunch or before dinner. Morning snacks should be avoided if one has a heavy breakfast. People tend to feel hungry around 4-6 pm, making it the perfect time to grab a fruit or have a protein shake. A snack that is high in protein and has fewer calories gives the person enough energy and satisfies their cravings. 

Should fats and carbs be eliminated?

The simple answer is no. If a person does not consume food in the form of fats and carbs, it deviates the person from following the diet in the form of increased carvings. Another effect is once you start eating normally again, a person begins to gain weight, and all the efforts of weight loss are in vain. It is recommended that a person has at least one cheat day in a week. This increases the metabolism of the person. But a cheat day and a rest day cannot be on the same day. It psychologically demotivates the person. On a day on which the person is most active can indulge in some tasty desserts, which would add to metabolism. 

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