8 Awesome Travel Video Ideas You Can Use

Making captivating travel videos is a great way to build memories, share your passion with others and gain a following on video-sharing and social media platforms

People love to share their favorite travel videos with family and friends over the internet. Whether people travel for fun or if they go to a new place for a business meeting, there is always a good reason to capture the most memorable moments while traveling.

These days many travel enthusiasts have started vlogging to share their experiences with others interested in exploring new places. It is incredibly simple to get started with a free online video maker; however, it requires some effort to create a travel video that stands out from others.

Here are some travel video ideas that should help you captivate more viewers and grow your following.

  1. Make It Personal

One of the best travel ideas is to introduce yourself, your channel, and the type of videos you will be posting. People who connect with you are likely to be interested in learning more about you, so consider talking about yourself. You can put your personality into your travel videos to establish yourself as an industry expert so that audiences trust what you share through your videos.

You can talk about your favorite places around the world and the activities you like doing while traveling. Consider making a video on a day in your life or showing your morning or evening routine to give your viewers an idea of what it is like to be a travel vlogger.

You can also share your travel bucket list in your videos. Adding a personal touch to your travel videos would make your channel interesting and allow audiences to know you better as an individual and a traveler.

  1. Create Travel Guides

This type of video is quite useful and popular. In this age of continuous learning and constant personal improvement, how-to guides turn out to be particularly helpful.

People always search on the internet before planning a holiday or trip. Travel guide videos are great at helping and inspiring people. Moreover, such videos can be easily optimized for search engines to improve your discoverability and reach.

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A travel guide destination video can be something like ’20 Things to do in Paris’ or ‘Complete Guide to Visiting Tokyo’. They are not just personal updates and can take up a great deal of planning, shooting, and editing. However, the results you see from this important travel video style can be amazing.

  1. Start With A Travel Montage

If you find the idea of shooting and editing a documentary or vlog-style video, it is a good idea to get started with travel montages.

This type of video is formed by inserting multiple short clips of your videos. A good montage should have a purpose, tell a captivating story, and evoke the right emotions. YouTube and other video-sharing sites have a lot of travel montages that engage users effectively.

Though there is no good or bad montage, it should be created in such a way that one can interpret the meaning easily without getting confused. These are easy to create and take your travel vlog or channel to the next level.

  1. Rank The Places

After each trip, you can create a video to rank and review the place you just visited. Project yourself as a knowledgeable travel vlogger by using well-thought, consistent criteria.

This type of video would not only distinguish your content from other channels but also get more attention as people like acquiring information and hearing real reviews before experiencing anything themselves.

You can create a theme like this to give your viewers something to look forward to after watching your latest holiday videos.

They are likely to be excited to see where on your list the recent holiday place ranks. Such a video also establishes you as an expert on the subject matter and brings more trust and loyalty from the audience.

  1. Share The Adrenaline Rush

If you are an adrenaline junkie, the activities you undertake at different places provide some thrilling travel video ideas.

Post a video of yourself as you enjoy the thrill of sandboarding, river rafting, or bungee jumping, and give your viewers a reason to skip a heartbeat. Though not every viewer is adventure-loving, this type of video is fun and exciting to watch and should complement the rest of your travel channel.

Adventure videos also appeal to a specific group of target audience always interested in learning about new thrilling places and activities. Your viewers are likely to share these videos with adventurous people they know, giving you a chance to reach out to a wider audience and grow your channel.

  1. Share Travel Tips & Advice

One of the most effective travel video ideas is to engage viewers through travel guides. You can share tips on packing for specific places, advice on maintaining a budget for a trip, or some ideas on couple travel to appeal to the audience.

You can create a video on ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ for particular places and scenarios to come out as an authority in the landscape, winning the trust of your viewers.

A great travel video idea is to share survival tips for different destinations. A how-to video would prove to be quite useful to travel enthusiasts as people always look for ways to upgrade and update themselves.

You can, for example, make a video on how to survive in an adventurous destination. Such guides and tips are likely to get your channel good attention.

  1. Include Other People In The Video

You might be traveling with a buddy or meeting somebody on your way; a great travel video idea is to introduce them to your followers and viewers. Locals at the tourist spots like indulging in travel videos. You can add an exciting touch to your video by interviewing such people.

They might share some useful tips about the place and insight about the best spots to explore which should help your followers. Consider making collaboration videos with other travel vloggers to gain more followers.

  1. Share Interesting Travel Stories

Stories are one of the most powerful ways to engage audiences on social media platforms and YouTube, as they appear on the top of the feeds and catch attention. You can share updates from your trip to hook the audience and keep them excited about the travel vlog.

If something scary, funny, unique, or unusual happens to you on your trip, you can post the clip as a story video. Telling your viewers about the little things that made your trip unforgettable would help build better connections with them.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are interested in filmmaking, telling stories, or traveling, making travel videos offers a powerful way to document and share your experiences.

With these travel video ideas, you can come up with engaging and exciting content that captivates your audience.

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