Best Fat Burner For Women 2022

There is much evidence that fat burners can be part of a well-planned program of fat burner for women. Fat burners can help you lose weight or tone your body for a show. Fat burners are not a substitute for a strict diet and exercise program for fat reduction. However, they can still be a part of a woman’s weight-loss plan.

All fat burners contain different ingredients. Some ingredients, for example, have numerous studies that support their roles in thermogenesis, appetite suppression and fat oxidation. Others have only a few promising studies but require more research. We chose these top fat burners for females because they had a balanced mix of tested ingredients in the right dosages and more experimental ingredients. We break down the top fat burners for women, their ingredients, and our methodology to choose them.

What is a Fat Burner?

Fat burners have a variety of ways to impact women’s body weight. They can either be indirect or direct. This is important to know. Drinking large amounts of water before meals will likely reduce your appetite. High-water foods such as lettuce and watermelon are more filling than low-calorie foods. Water and watermelon don’t “burn fat.”

Calories are not the most important aspect of weight management. Some ingredients can help curb appetite, while others may be more effective at “burning fat”. These are the most popular fat burners.

Increasing Fat Oxidation

When you need fuel fast, your body will convert carbohydrates into energy. Fat, also known as adipose, can be stored in your body as energy to use later. A weight-loss strategy that encourages your body to use stored fat as its primary energy source is to get it to do so. According to a 2004 Nutrition study, many dietary and exercise strategies can help your body burn more fat than carbs. This is known as fat oxidation and is as close as you will get to a “fat burner”. Green tea extract, more specifically the antioxidant EGCG, and l-carnitine are two popular fat burners for women.

Increasing Metabolic Ratio

You must burn calories to lose weight and can increase your net calories burn in two ways: 1) reduce the amount of calories you eat, and 2) increase your energy expenditure through conditioning work or strength training. One can increase activity and lose weight by taking a fat burner that has ingredients that boost your body’s resting metabolic rates. Although synephrine and hordenine are also effective, capsaicin is the most popular fat-burning ingredient.

Reduced appetite

There are many ways women can reduce hunger. These include hormonal changes and starches that expand in their stomachs. Since the two previous entries rarely add up to more than 100 calories burned, appetite suppression is perhaps the most crucial part of fat loss. Glucomannan is a popular ingredient in fat burners. However, other ingredients such as 5-HTP or psyllium husk may also have similar effects.

When should I take a fat burner?

It is a great idea to take fat burners about 30 minutes before eating breakfast. A fat burner can help speed up your metabolism during sleep.

You can also take your fat burner 30 minutes before starting to work out if you wish. Fat burners can be useful pre-workout supplements, as they often contain energy-boosting ingredients like caffeine.

What Does It Cost to Burn Fat?

You may see how much you’re getting for money by weighing the price of the container and the no. of servings in the container. This number is typically $0.20 to $2.00 for fat burners.

The cost of fat burners goes up when you add more ingredients to your fat burning blend. The main ingredients in most fat burners include caffeine and cayenne pepper extract. However, the more expensive products might also contain ingredients such as HMB or pre-workout mixes that can help achieve other goals.

How we choose the best fat burner for women?

We will try to make you believe that every ingredient in any of the reviewed fat burners is 100% supported by science. We do our best to ensure that important ingredients are supported by science. While some ingredients might have positive effects, their marketing claims may be too high. Many products tell you to take a fat-burning supplement before eating, but you won’t absorb any carbs. These fat burners for women have been eliminated.


Although raspberry ketones are a good example of fat-burning ingredients that can work, almost no one uses the dosage shown in studies. We won’t disqualify any fat-burning supplement with such ingredients. However, we won’t throw it out if the fat burner contains five perfectly dosed ingredients and one ineffective ingredient. But, a lot of ineffective dosages can hurt a product’s rating.

Proprietary Mixes

For ladies, many fat burners contain intriguing ingredients but do not tell you how many of each fat-burning ingredient. It’s difficult to determine how effective a fat burner is if we don’t know its dose. We found fat burners that heavily depend on proprietary blends to be less-than-ideal.


It is important to note that fat burners have different ingredients. Some focus more on increasing fat oxidation than others. So it can be very difficult to determine which fat burner for women is better when the ingredients are completely different. We found $2 per day to be acceptable.

10 Common Fat Burner Ingredients:

Our list of fat burners contains a few, if any, of the correct ingredients. Some may increase your body’s ability to burn calories more efficiently, while others may make you feel fuller. These are the commonly found ingredients in fat burners.


Caffeine, which is found primarily in tea and coffee, is a stimulant. Because stimulants increase adrenaline, which is to aid in fat loss, they may also help break down fats. Caffeine can also give you the energy to exercise and tell your body to burn fats.

According to a research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, caffeine can have additional calorie-burning effects. However, it should not exceed 100 calories per day. You may be able to find fat burners with little or no caffeine if you consume a lot of caffeine from green tea or coffee.


Yohimbine is another popular stimulant, an alkaloid that comes from the Yohimbe tree in Central Africa. Although it can reduce your appetite, most of the research on yohimbine revolves around its ability to decrease fat. A 2006 study in Research in Sports Medicine showed that soccer players had two times the body fat percentage of a placebo over three weeks.


Capsaicin, an active ingredient in chili peppers, has increased metabolism and calorie burning. According to studies published in the Medical Association of Thailand and American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it probably doesn’t add more than 5-50 calories per day.

Raspberry Ketones

Supplement companies jumped at the opportunity to profit from a 2010 study that found raspberry ketones had a significant effect on body fat in rodents. Some of the most popular fat burners include raspberry ketones, Leanbean. However, human studies are lacking. After adjusting for body weight, you will see that the amounts used in rodent studies were much higher than those found in fat-burning supplements for women.


The research on this molecule, found in plants, has been limited. A promising 2009 study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition found that the fat-burning supplement led to a significant increase in energy expenditure and positive changes in mood, blood pressure, and mood.


Synephrine is a synergist with caffeine. You can also combine it with other type of ingredients like naringin or hesperidin, all citrus extracts. This can help increase your metabolic rate. Legion’s fat burner contains all of these ingredients, except for caffeine. The International Journal of Medical Sciences found that 50 mg of the stuff could increase participants’ metabolism by 65 calories, without increasing their hunger. The calorie loss could double if the stuff is combined with food.


Amino acid, also known as ALCAR, has improved focus. Some research suggests it can improve body composition in older people.

Green Tea Extract

One of the popular ingredients in fat-burning supplements is green tea extract. Green tea extract is good for the brain, heart and liver. You can also get caffeine and catechins from green tea extract, which can help you lose calories. The main focus is on EGCG. However, it appears to be an antioxidant that both affects fat mass and fat destruction.

For example, a double-blind study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed a 17 percent increase of fat oxidation when 366mg of EGCGs were in use. You should ensure that the tea label clearly states the tea’s EGCG contents. Some companies only sell tea leaves in capsules.

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Beyond weight loss, green tea extract can make a positive difference in your overall health. Green tea extract can reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease, and may even help you avoid cancer. It extract’s compounds are also good for your skin. Green tea extract can help you exercise more efficiently by reducing muscle fatigue.

Garcinia Cambogia

Some studies have been lauding this Indonesian fruit, such as the 2003 study published in Current Therapeutic Research that showed it could “significantly reduce” stomach fat. However, this isn’t supported yet. Other studies have shown that the “fat-burning” ingredient doesn’t affect.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Unroasted coffee beans are in use to make green coffee bean extract. Green coffee bean extract contains two main fat-burning components: caffeine and chlorogenic acid. This ingredient is often gets overlook because it may prevent calorie absorption.

The amount of chlorogenic acid in roasted coffee beans is lower than in unroasted green coffee beans. Unroasted coffee beans are used to burn fat. The most well-known study found that chlorogenic acid-enriched coffee led to three times more weight loss than a placebo group (5.4kg against 1.7kg in 12 weeks). At least you should consume 120-300mg daily.

Best Fat Burner For Women 2022

Leanbean fat burner

You should avoid artificial ingredients that can be dangerous or useless.


Leanbean has 12 fat-burning ingredients to help you reach your weight loss goals. The main attraction is glucomannan. This thickener/gelling agent, made from the root Japanese konjac plants, has reduced appetite. 

According to 2016 paper published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, other fat burners such as cayenne pepper, green tea extract, or black pepper extract may also increase metabolism.

Although Leanbean fat-burner is low in green coffee extract (16.67mg), it’s still a highly effective supplement. It has a low amount of caffeine and no artificial ingredients.

Who Should Eat Leanbean

  • This product is safe for people who don’t want to ingest artificial ingredients.
  • For women who are seeking a product made specifically for them,
  • This product contains glucomannan, a natural ingredient that can help with hunger.

Who Shouldn’t Take Leanbean

  • Budget-conscious people. Leanbean is more costly than other options.
  • People with sensitive stomachs may find the glucomannan uncomfortable.

Leanbean is a product for women. It contains 12 fat-burning components to help women lose fat, feel fuller, and increase metabolism.

The Best Thermogenic Fat Burner For Women:

Thermogenic Fat Burner

Thermogenic fat burners can increase your metabolism by raising your body temperature. This product contains cayenne pepper extract which may aid in this process.

Cira Flare

Cira Flare, a thermogenic fat-burner that contains cayenne pepper extract (25mg per dose), can help boost your metabolism and raise your body’s temperature. It also contains l-carnitine and epigallocatechin gallate; These can help with weight loss and fat burning. Black pepper extract might help you absorb the ingredients better. The product contains ashwagandha extract and is vegetarian-friendly. It only takes two capsules per dose.

Who Should Use Cira Flare

  • Women are looking for a fat burner to increase their metabolism and raise their body temperature.
  • You can add black pepper extract to this formula to help with fat burning.
  • Caffeine-free athletes

Who Shouldn’t Take Cira Flare

  • This product contains 5mg for people who are allergic to pepper.
  • This product has 150mg of caffeine, which is good news for anyone trying to reduce their caffeine intake.

If you want to increase your metabolism daily, then thermogenic fat burners may be the right choice. Cira Flare has cayenne pepper extract, increasing your body temperature and speed up your metabolism.

Best belly fat burner for women:

Burn Lab Pro

This pick might help you if your belly fat is stubborn.

Burn Lab Pro

Burn Lab Pro has ingredients that help you retain muscle and reduce fat. GTF Chromium is one of these ingredients. It can help your body use glucose to generate energy, instead of storing it in fat. Burn Lab Pro also includes cayenne pepper extract; This may increase your body’s temperature and increase your metabolism. Burn Lab Pro also contains HMB, a compound you won’t find many fat burners. This ingredient can help build and maintain muscle mass. Burn Lab Pro Pro is not stimulant-free. However, this could be a disadvantage for those who enjoy a quick boost from caffeine in their fat burners.

Who should take Burn Lab Pro?

  • A supplement that works hard to burn belly fat and build muscle is a must-have for women who target their stomach fat.
  • HMB may be a good option for bodybuilders looking to lose fat.
  • We do not recommend this supplement for athletes who want to cut down on stimulants.
  • Gain and maintain muscle mass.

Who Shouldn’t Take Burn Lab Pro?

  • This is not the cheapest option for buyers on a tight budget.
  • The product does not contain caffeine.
  • This product contains black pepper extract, good news for anyone suffering from a black pepper allergy.

A fat burner that can burn belly fat and build muscle mass is the best option, as stubborn belly fat can be quite stubborn. Burn Lab Pro includes GTF Chromium and cayenne pepper extract. It also contains HMB.

Best Natural Fat Burner for Women:

Legion Phoenix Fat Burner

This product is the best option if you want to burn extra fat naturally, that is without using stimulants or harsh chemicals.

Legion Phoenix Fat Burner

Legion Phoenix Fat Burner contains no stimulants and is 100% natural. This blend is free from artificial sweeteners and food dyes. It also contains no unwanted fillers. Legion is one of the most transparent brands in the marketplace. They list all ingredients, along with the science and dosing. Forskolin, Caralluma Fimbriata and 5-HTP are some of the fat-burning components. These ingredients may all help reduce fat, suppress appetite and regulate metabolism. This product contains a higher B vitamins than many other fat burners.

Who Should Purchase Legion Phoenix Fat Burner

  • Women who value a scientific-backed explanation for why selected each ingredient in their fat burner are more likely to appreciate it.
  • Legion Phoenix is an affordable option for customers looking to burn fat.
  • People do not want artificial sweeteners, food colors, or fillers in the fat burner.

Who Shouldn’t Buy Legion Phoenix Fat Burner

  • It recommends that women sensitive to pills take three of these pills daily.
  • People who don’t require a long list of ingredients for their fat burner, but aren’t strictly in focus on fat burning, can find other options with a shorter list.

Legion’s ingredient-listing is open and transparent. It avoids artificial sweeteners and food dyes and fillers. Instead, it focuses on high quality ingredients that can provide the best burn.

The Best Research-Based Fat Burner for Women:

Transparent Labs Fatburner

We understand that you want the supplement you take to support scientific research. It’s going into your body. While not all products have full support by scientific research, science-backed claims can provide additional peace of mind for some people.

Transparent Labs Fatburner:

The Transparent Labs has done its research. It has done its homework. It contains a lot of EGCG to help increase calorie burning, forskolin that may improve focus, synephrine, which can help increase metabolism, and Coleus Forskohlii at a dose associated with a “significant increase in lean body mass.”

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Although this product doesn’t have the same appetite suppressing properties as other fat burners, it is still an amazing, scientifically-backed fat burner. Transparent Labs offers a non-stimulant version of its fat burner at the same price, Transparent Labs Stim-Free Fat Burner. Each cost around $1.60 to 1.80 per day.

Who Should Purchase Transparent Labs Fat Burner

  • This brand is a good choice for those who want to buy products that have been thoroughly researched.
  • Itis a great option for people looking to save some money.
  • Anybody looking for additional ingredients to help with other things, such as focus.

Who Shouldn’t Buy Transparent Labs Fat Burner

  • This product has 240 mg of caffeine per serve for sensitive to caffeine.
  • People who desire a stronger appetite suppressant.

Although this fat burner does not target appetite suppression, it contains scientifically-backed ingredients in research-backed doses. This means you can be fully confident that you are getting the right ingredients at the right dosage to help you reach your goals.

What to Look For Before You Buy?

Before buying a fat burner, it is important to think about your goals. You’ll need to think about the ingredients, the time you will be using your fat burner, as well as the cost of the supplement.


You will need to choose the type of fat burning you want — fat oxidation or thermogenesis. Although many fat burners contain ingredients that target all three methods of fat burning, most products tend to favor one or two of them.

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It is important to avoid proprietary blends when you look at the ingredients. These blends may appear on the product labels, but they don’t give you an in-depth look at the ingredients and dosages. It’s great to stay away from them altogether.


Any product on this list is fine if you want to take your fat burner as soon as you get up to kickstart your metabolism. If you want to take your fat burner before you workout, you need to be aware of the stimulants and how they affect your stack. You might not want to take fat burners that contain stimulants such as caffeine if you work out too late at night.


The main ingredients of basic fat burners (cayenne pepper, green tea, and caffeine) are in it. Premium fat burners can include additional ingredients like HMB and DMAE if you are willing to spend more.

Final Words:

You should use fat burners in moderation and with a healthy diet. While certain “fat-burning” ingredients can reduce appetite and increase resting metabolic rate, the best woman’s fat burner will not make miracles. To help you take the best choice, we have listed the most popular fat-burning ingredients along with their effects. However, some may be sensitive to certain active ingredients such as caffeine. Talk to your doctor before you make drastic changes to your diet or exercise routine.


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