Diabetes Freedom Reviews: Customer Reports

Contrary to other Diabetes Freedom reviews, I am not here to scare anyone with shocking statistics or survey results. To find out if the Diabetes Freedom program is worth it, I went through these reviews on Google a year ago.

Many people are faking reviews about the program. I have created a study to examine all aspects of Dr. James Freeman’s Diabetes Freedom Program.

I could see the puzzled faces of Diabetes Freedom users who were stuck to the point where it left them wondering if The Diabetes Freedom book was worth reading. It is not fair to force you into buying the product as if I don’t believe in it.

It would be best to read the Diabetes Freedom Review to the end, without skipping any point; This will provide more insight into the Diabetes Freedom ebook. Let’s start the Diabetes Freedom Review.

Diabetes Freedom Review: Product Overview

Diabetes Freedom is a safe and natural method to deal with all diabetes-related problems and symptoms. Many older people feel sad about having to have an amputation or fall into a coma because of their high blood sugar; This results from listening to doctors who don’t know or lie to them about how You can reverse diabetes.

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To avoid these obstacles, George Reilly founded Diabetes Freedom to alleviate the suffering and helplessness of type 2 diabetics.

According to the author, You can compare type 2 diabetes between two people. The symptoms and difficulties that they experience will differ.

Even though these issues can be challenging to deal with, the ebook can still help you solve the problem of type 2 Diabetes.

Are you ready to improve and manage your overall health through the Diabetes Freedom Program? Then read on for all of the details I provide in this review.

Diabetes Freedom: What's it all about?

Diabetes is a severe disease that affects many of the world’s population. Type 2 diabetes is becoming more common.

Many diabetic patients end up having their legs amputated. Diabetic patients often feel helpless as there is no cure.

They will only be able to survive if they remember to take their medication on time; They become so accustomed to these tablets that their bodies cannot function independently.

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Type 2 diabetes has been a problem for many years. However, there is no cure.

Are all these big drug companies and pharmaceutical manufacturers fooling the world? You can manage your blood sugar levels naturally.

Nature can provide a solution for every problem. Diabetes Freedom is a manual that can help you cure type 2 diabetes naturally, thanks to the guidance of Mother Nature.

Follow the steps in the Diabetes Freedom Manual. You can download diabetes Freedom electronically to any device.

You don’t have to adhere to any exercise or diet plan. The only way to reap the benefits is through changes in your diet.

How can you customize Diabetes Freedom to suit your needs?

Diabetes can lead to several complications, including high blood sugar and excess weight. You may even be forced to die from it. Are you worried about what you will face if you don’t get the proper care and dangerous drugs prescribed to you by doctors?

If you compare two people with type 2 diabetes, you will notice that they have different symptoms and may experience health problems later.

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The Diabetes Freedom program manufacturer has provided a personalized plan that allows patients to answer a few simple questions to help them recognize and solve their problems. These questions ask about your gender, age, and some details about the issues you are facing. You will create a custom design program based on your answers.

How does Diabetes Freedom treat Type 2 Diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes results in decline in the body’s ability to produce insulin. The Diabetes Freedom program results in unbalanced levels of blood sugar.

The pancreas has the responsibility for the secretion of insulin. However, insulin secretion can be impeded by toxic fats.

Insulin can’t absorb sugar from the food we eat, so the excess sugar builds up in our bloodstreams, eventually leading to Type 2 diabetes.

A proper dosage of phytonutrients will help regulate the release of insulin and the functioning of your pancreas.

Diabetes Freedom will help you add these powerful natural ingredients to your diet.

The Diabetes Freedom Manual contains all instructions on how, when, and what to include in your diet. You need to follow the instructions.

Many people live a poor life and fail to eat healthy, nutritious food; This causes toxic build-up.

The pancreas, or any other organ, may become ineffective if these toxins accumulate in large numbers; This is why insulin resistance occurs.

If your body continues to reject insulin for a prolonged time, you will develop type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes Freedom will show you how to overcome these toxins and help you beat them.

What's in the Diabetes Freedom Package?

The Type 2 Diabetes Freedom Program includes everything you need to manage your blood sugar. Diabetes Freedom Program will give you a better understanding of which foods to include in your diet; This is a great diet strategy. It will help you eat raw foods in their natural state rather than modify them. Let me give you an example.

It is healthier to eat oranges and pomegranates the way they are rather than juicing them. The juice could enter your bloodstream and cause a sudden rise in blood sugar; This could lead to diabetes, which can then trigger the possibility of a diabetic coma. However, you’ll learn that there won’t be a sudden rise in blood sugar if the right ingredients are used.

10 Day Diabetes Freedom Super Drinks:

This program includes a selection of super drinks that will help you improve your insulin sensitivity, speed up weight loss and increase your metabolism. You can enjoy these delicious drinks in as little as ten days.

These drinks include phase 2 antioxidants that combat oxidative damage and inhibit inflammation, naturally detoxifying ingredients to boost energy and heal quickly, anti-diabetic spices like turmeric and cinnamon to improve insulin sensitivity, metabolism boosters, and carbohydrates dietary fiber.

These Super Drinks for Diabetes Freedom, including Carrot Tropical Food Drink and Sun Fruit Smoothie and Creamy Berry Super Drink and Green Blast, will satisfy half of your hunger for ten days.

8 Week Diabetes Freedom Diet Strategy:

The program will help you choose the right diet strategy, depending on your goals. This section will show you the seven methods included in the program.

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The Diabetes Freedom Super Drinks are At least two of these beverages should be consumed per day, one as a phase 2 drink and one as a multipurpose drink. These drinks can help improve your insulin sensitivity and increase your metabolism.

Phase II Antioxidants:

Phase 2 oxidants: Phase II oxidants are crucial in keeping oxidative stress under control and protecting your cells. These antioxidants can also increase your body’s natural antioxidant production.


This program offers a wide variety of superfoods to provide your body with the necessary nutrition and help you keep your blood sugar under control.

Carbohydrates High fiber nutrients:

These high-fiber nutrients have a low Glycemic index. These carbohydrates with a low Glycemic Index will help you improve insulin sensitivity and keep you satisfied.

Anti-diabetic Proteins:

These proteins are designed to activate thermogenesis and help you lose weight in no time. You will need to select high-quality proteins for the best results.

Anti-diabetic Healthy Fats:

This program teaches you about healthy fats and helps to improve your hormonal health. You will also experience more energy.

Metabolic Booster Drinks:

The best thing is that you can still get the calories you need in healthy and nutritious drinks.

7 Diabetes Freedom Diet Plan Rules:

It has created some guidelines that will help you stick to your plan. Diabetes Freedom is a program that provides easy-to-follow guidelines and calorie-specific diets. These rules include keeping a food diary, eating in moderation, using condiments to your advantage, and exercising to curb cravings.

The 7 Rules are:

Rule 1: Your Food Journal

Rule 2: Be Intelligent When Eating Out

Rule 3: Make the Most of Condiment

Rule 4: Be prepared for your cravings when you eat and exercise

Rule 5: Exercise in realistic hours

Rule 6: Exercise should be fun

Rule 7: Sports Time = Total Daily TV Time

You can consume three portions of Anti-diabetic Proteins:

The first rule is not to eat more than three servings. These proteins can build lean muscle mass while reducing excess fat. These proteins include liquid egg whites and wild salmon.

You can consume carbohydrates:

The second rule is to include carbohydrates in your diet, making it easier to control blood sugar levels to improve insulin sensitivity. These carbohydrates are superfoods because they are rich in fiber and magnesium. These include crushed oats and black beans, kidney beans, and others.

3 Portions of Anti-diabetic Healthy Fats:

You can also consume up to 3 portions of healthy fats that are anti-diabetic such as avocados, chia seeds, hemp seeds, and almonds chia, chia, chia, and hemp seeds.

Unlimited Anti-diabetic Vegetables:

Anti-diabetic vegetables such as beetroots, bok choy, cabbages, arugula, and carrots are high in dietary fiber; This allows you to feel full without consuming countless calories.

Super Drinks:

There are unlimited quantities of super drinks.

What are the results of following Diabetes Freedom?

Based on James Freeman’s initial studies, in which participants were tested at 2, 4, and 8 weeks, Diabetes Freedom could unlock the following results.

  • By Week 2nd: 85% of participants had significantly lower blood sugar levels.
  • By Week 4th: 73% of participants had regular blood sugar readings.
  • By Week 8: 84% of participants had reversed type 2 diabetes.

Demographics included both men and women from all walks. They were also between 24 and 87 years old. All of these participants will be grouped to show both newly diagnosed diabetics and those who have been suffering from diabetes for a longer time.

Who is eligible to use the Diabetes Freedom handbook?

You don’t have to be older or more mature than you are to get Type 2 Diabetes Freedom.

Diabetes Freedom is entirely free from any potential side effects.

Even if the plan doesn’t work (which is less likely), your health and well-being will be good.

Diabetes Freedom doesn’t apply to people who don’t have the disease.

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Diabetes Freedom and any health Diabetes Freedom programs are not for those prescribed heavy medications or who have other chronic medical conditions.

What is the best way to follow the Diabetes Freedom Program?

Diabetes Freedom is a simple 3-step program, Diabetes Freedom comes with video instructions, and These are the three steps.

Step 1: The Pancreas Restart Nutrition Plan

This is an important step that aims to burn the accumulated fats and prevent the pancreas from secreting insulin.

These ingredients help eliminate white fat and allow our organs to function again. You will feel relief as the meals work their magic.

A 5-video package that discusses and explains the topics below is included with the first step.

  • Breakfast shakes that help to burn fat white cells
  • The best meals to eat reduce the amount of fat accumulated around the liver and pancreas.
  • There are some carbs that one can include in their diet.
  • This list contains detox teas that can help reduce cravings and fat white cells.

Consuming spices before meals can reduce blood sugar by 30%

Follow the Diabetes Freedom step to restore your pancreas’ efficiency without using any harmful ingredients.

Step 2: The Brown Fat Boosting Blueprint

A rise in brown fat results in the destruction of dangerous white fat. Diabetes Freedom allows you to replace bad fat with good.

It is essential to melt white fat. The Diabetes Freedom Program consists of these steps:

  • This video is a 2-minute routine that helps you burn fat.
  • This video also shows three blood sugar-lowering beverages you can drink if you have been on a short vacation or at a restaurant.

Step 3: Meal Timing Strategies to Eradicate Type 2 Diabetes

A Specific type of meal needs to be eaten at certain times. These instructions will help you to time your meals.

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Diabetes Freedom is one way to lower blood sugar. This step explains which You can eat foods at what times of the day. Let’s take a look at all that it contains.

  • A 60-second breakfast trick to defeat a craving. It won’t leave your stomach empty and will increase your energy.
  • You can eat snacks in between meals.
  • Time-management strategies will keep you motivated and burn fat around the stomach, back, and thighs; This will help you get deep sleep.
  • It is also discussed when you should consume desserts and carbs.

The Diabetes Freedom Plan is an excellent option to reverse your condition.

Who created diabetes freedom?

James Freeman and George Reilly created diabetes Freedom.

George was involved in a severe medical event a few years back. The family took George to the hospital, where doctors informed George’s wife that George was in a severe diabetes coma. George had been neglecting his diabetes for too many years, and now he was suffering the consequences.

Doctors told George’s wife that he needed his leg amputated immediately.

George claims that he no longer has type 2 diabetes symptoms two years later. George stopped taking type 2 diabetes medication, and his blood sugar levels remain in a healthy, normal range, regardless of what he eats.

About George Reilly: The author

George Reilly researched Diabetes Freedom and eventually wrote it. George was a former officer in the police force and was a guard before joining a Wisconsin security company as the head of a team. After being hit by a stray shot, he had to retire.

After nearly losing his leg to diabetes, he found the best way to beat it. He later turned his discoveries into a program that has helped thousands across the country. He lives happily with Linda, his wife of ten years, and is no longer afraid of diabetes.

It worked for me:

Diabetes Freedom has made a significant impact on the lives of many who were afraid of a stroke or heart attack. Many people have overcome their fears with the help of Diabetes Freedom. When your blood sugar is out of control, the glucose builds up and slowly blocks your arteries.

The sugar doesn’t stop there. Sugar then damages cells and causes inflammation. Additionally, the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and triglyceride levels will rise. Diabetes Freedom addresses the root causes of insulin sensitivity. It helps you eliminate all of these from your body. You can eliminate invisible harmful carbohydrates and reduce your energy consumption by storing more body fat.

What's the green vegetable that causes type-2 diabetes in millions of people?

George and the Diabetes Freedom team launched a page to warn people about dangerous green vegetables as part of a promo for 2021.

“The green vegetable has been linked to type 2 diabetes in “millions.” It can lead to diabetes if consumed in large quantities. This is a green vegetable called kale.

WebMD explains how kale was a remarkable addition to the 2019 Dirty Dozen, published every year by the Environmental Working Group. This non-profit organization focuses on human health as well as the environment.

The EWG reported that more than 92% had at least one pesticide residue in their kale samples. A single specimen may contain 18 different residues.

Other fruits and veggies are apples, nectarines (apples), and strawberries.

Dental, also known by DCPA, was the most prevalent pesticide found in kale. The EPA considers Dacthal a possible human cancer gene-based animal research; it could cause cancer.

EWG didn’t find that kale or Dacthal increased diabetes risk. They also didn’t suggest that kale causes diabetes in millions. The organization found that the benefits of vegetables such as kale outweigh their drawbacks. However, they advised choosing the purest sources of kale to avoid contamination.

Is it safe for type 2 diabetics?

If it does, You can customize the program to meet your goals.

The 3-step approach is the key to your success.

Research shows that Diabetes Freedom’s three-step approach to success has proven highly effective. These three steps will help you maintain control of your blood sugar.

  1. The Pancreas Reset Nutrition Plan: This plan will help ensure that your pancreas isn’t clogged up with fat and improves metabolism. This plan will assist you in getting rid of toxic toxins and curbing your cravings. You’ll also learn more about magic teas to aid digestion.
  2. The metabolism booster plan: This plan will help you reduce excess fat. This plan has simple routines and shares information about three drinks that may lower blood sugar. You can have your blood pressure in control and your arteries clear.
  3. Time-tracking strategies: These strategies are designed to reverse type 2 diabetes. They include a 60-second breakfast hack that increases your metabolism. This strategy contains delicious snacks as well as a fat-burning system.

The price of the bonus:

Diabetes Freedom is available at a very affordable $37. The following bonuses are included with it:

  • The company created the Fat Burning Plan to eliminate fat cells quickly. This book consolidates the councils of top-level trainers.
  • The Stay Young Forever Program – This program provides more information about the habits and foods you should adopt to live a long life.
  • 33 Energy Foods For Diabetics – This book lists 33 energy foods you can eat to reverse type 2 diabetes.

How was Diabetes Freedom arranged?

Diabetes Freedom was designed to accomplish three essential steps. The first is to rehabilitate the pancreas by eating. This guided program will give you information about the nutrients that increase metabolism and make it easier to burn fat for fuel. We will also discuss ways to detoxify the liver, beat cravings and flush out ceramide.

Next, The author will present the “Metabolism-boosting Blueprint” to individuals; This includes 2-minute routines that help keep fat-burning mechanisms in motion and three blood sugar-lowering beverages that allow individuals Freedom to eat what they want.

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The video guides focus solely on meal-timing strategies and their positive effect on reversing type 2 diabetes. People will see that it is essential to schedule meals and follow a 60-second breakfast trick; This can help curb cravings.

What are the advantages of buying Diabetes Freedom?

  • Diabetes Freedom Manual is not something you can make in a hurry without a base. It has taken a lot of research, time, and effort to make it work effectively.
  • Diabetes Freedom is more than just a way to combat diabetes. It also offers natural ways to lose body fat.
  • The e-form makes it easy to take the manual with you. Diabetes Freedom is with you everywhere you go.
  • Online programs such as Diabetes Freedom do not offer a money-back guarantee. Diabetes Freedom does.
  • The Diabetes Freedom Program will help you increase your metabolism. You will feel energized by the recipes and ingredients.
  • Diabetes Freedom depreciates the root cause of diabetes and prevents you from suffering from high blood sugar again.
  • Diabetes Freedom improves your metabolism and energy.
  • Diabetes Freedom Recipes can assist you in losing weight and overcoming obesity.
  • Diabetes Freedom supports the function of your digestive system and boosts immunity.
  • The Diabetes Freedom Program is available to both young and old.

What is in the Diabetes Freedom Package?

  • Diabetes Freedom has easy steps to cure your pancreas.
  • Diabetes Freedom Tips and Tricks from Experts.
  • Diabetes Freedom aids in weight loss with minimal effort.
  • Diabetes Freedom Reverse can reverse type 2 diabetes with no additional medications
  • Diabetes Freedom assists in the balance of nutrients in your body.
  • Diabetes Freedom is designed for your daily routine.
  • Complete reversal of type-2 diabetes by Diabetes Freedom
  • Tips and pointers to help you manage type 2 diabetes
  • Diabetes Freedom is easy to understand and follow
  • Diabetes Freedom is for those at risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
  • Diabetes Freedom assists with improving quality of life.
  • Freedom is 100% natural and has no side effects
  • Diabetes Freedom cost-effective
  • Diabetes Freedom is easily accessible online
  • Diabetes Freedom offers a 100% money-back guarantee
  • You can only buy diabetes Freedom online.
  • Individuals and histories of medical illnesses may affect the results.

Diabetes Freedom Reviews - Final Verdict

I was never convinced of the Diabetes Freedom program.

However, my life changed when I ordered the program to reverse my Type 2 Diabetes Condition. I found the 60-day money-back guarantee appealing; This removed my concern about losing my hard-earned money.

I tried all of the company’s options; This included the energy-boosting and detoxifying drinks and the foods you should avoid.

It worked so well; I had to persevere early to see if it would work for me. Additional to Diabetes control, my body was cleansed of excess fat using the natural remedies described in the Diabetes Freedom Program.

Diabetes Freedom Reviews are a collection of genuine user reviews that reveal surprising results. It was overwhelming to read their reviews. The program’s 60-day money-back guarantee is the highlight. It gives you enough notice and time to notice changes.

Diabetes Freedom: FAQs

Yes. Yes. You can return your money within one year if the results are unsatisfactory.

Diabetes Freedom by George Reilly’s online program offers helpful tips and tricks that will help you scientifically eliminate Type 2 diabetes.

It takes approximately eight weeks to reverse Type 2 Diabetes with the Diabetes Freedom Program completely.

You should see improvements in eight weeks after adopting Diabetes Freedom. You can then talk to your doctor about stopping the medications.

Yes, totally. This program was based on research done at Harvard Medical School, Texa University, and Newcastle University in England.

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