Free-to-Play Fishing Training – Osrs Fishing Guide

This OSRS fishing tutorial will discuss what you need to get started and how to reach level 99. We’ll also go through some lucrative fishing techniques that can help you supplement your income.

Fishing Level 1-20

To reach Level 99 Fishing, you must first catch Shrimps or Anchovies at Catherby, Draynor, and Lumbridge using a Small Net. To go to level 24, players may do the Sea Slug task.

Fishing Level 20-58/99

If you were bitten by the fishing bug, you’ve probably progressed through this level range quickly. This is where we’ll be doing more conventional fishing techniques: with a Fly Fishing Rod and Feathers. Before starting, make sure to have plenty of feathers in your inventory.

If you’re F2P, Barbarian Village, Lumbridge will be the location to go for Trout and Salmon. Meanwhile, P2P players may fish in Seers Village, Shilo Village, or outside of the Farming Guild. For F2P gamers, catching Trout and Salmon has the greatest XP/hr ratio.

Fishing Level 58-99

The technique of Barbarian Fishing combined with tick manipulation is the quickest way to level up Fishing to 99. You may begin fishing there at level 15 Strength and Agility, but in order to be effective, you’ll need 30 Strength and Agility.

The Barbarian Rod may be found inside of Otto’s Grotto, which can be completed after completing the “Remove The Curse” sidequest. You’ll need to fish at Barbarian Fishing locations with the Barbarian Rod in order to utilize it.

You’ll also need Feathers as a lure, just like for Fly Fishing. You may anticipate to earn around 35-40k XP for those beneath level 70 Fishing and 50-60k when at or above level 70 Fishing.

To get back to 3-tick fishing, you may go even higher, with a rate of 110k XP per hour.

However, this takes a lot of attention and patience. It’s an enjoyable technique, but it’s also time-consuming. The simplest three-ticker manipulation method is to begin the sequence by casting the line and then dropping the fish.

Money Making with Fishing (Free-to-Play)

In this part, you’ll learn how to earn more OSRS gold as a F2P player by fishing.

Fishing Level 40-50

At this level range, we have the delectable lobster. You may fish for Lobster at Musa Point in a Lobster Pot. To go to Karamja from Port Sarim, you must board a boat at Port Sarim. The journey will set you back 30 OSRS GP, so make sure you have some money on hand

To store the precious Lobster, take it to Port Sarim’s docks and exchange it for an item called Sea Shells.

Fishing Level 50-99

Now we’re getting down to business! To impale some Swordfish, grab a Harpoon and aim steadily at the Harpoon fishing location. You’ll get some Tuna, but don’t bother with them: if you’re leveling Cooking, cook it before dropping. Tuna isn’t worth much and will just add to your delay by requiring you to go to the bank frequently.

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Make sure to accomplish The Corsair Curse and Dragon Slayer to improve your GP/hr rates when utilizing either of the F2P Fishing money-making methods. If you want to clear out space in your inventory, doing so may be beneficial by utilizing the Corsair Cove Resource Area, which will allow for free trips to Port Sarim and back.

Fishing Level 62-99

For players who do not wish to spam-click while Barbarian Fishing, catching Monkfish is a good alternative.

The profit margins are greater, and this procedure takes less attention, but bank Monkfish to earn gold. To be eligible for this approach, you must complete the Swan Song quest in Piscatoris, where Monkfish fishing locations are available. A Small fishing net is required.

Fishing Level 65-99

The ability to fish Karambwans is unlocked at level 65 Fishing and completing the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest. To catch Karambwans, you’ll need a Karambwan boat as well as Raw karambwanji for bait. North-east of the CKR fairy ring, raw karambwanji

The ideal location to fish Karambwans is north of the DKP fairy ring. For faster transportation, consider utilizing a quest point cape, Slayer rings, or a fairy ring in your house.

There are several options for Karambwans banking, so find one that works best for you:

  • To get to the Castle Wars, use the Ring of Dueling.
  • To Edgeville, use the Amulet of Glory.
  • Use the Karamja gloves 3 or 4 to get to Shilo Village’s Underground Mines.

Raw karambwanji is a rare fish that must be caught using a lure, and it’s difficult to fish for. Make sure you stock up on as many Tiadeche in Karamja goods as you can between your fishing excursions. Raw karambwanji is stackable and costs 10 GP per unit.

Fishing Level 80-99

You may capture Infernal eels in Mor Ul Rek once you’ve reached level 80 Fishing. To perform this technique, you’ll need a hammer in your inventory, an oily fishing rod from the Heroes’ Quest, bait, Ice gloves, and a Fire cape to show to TzHaar-Ket security to be allowed into the city

10-20 Tokkul, a single Onyx bolt tip, or 1-5 Lava scale shards may be found in the cracks of an Infernal eel with a hammer. The finest location to catch Infernal eels is the city’s south-eastern sector.

Fishing Level 82-99

Once you’ve reached level 82 in Fishing, you’ll be able to catch Minnows. Minnows may be found at Kylie Minnow’s Fishing Platform in the Fishing Guild. To capture Minnows, you’ll need an Angler Outfit and the completed Fishing Contest quest.

Minnows, like Raw karambwanjis, are stackable, so you won’t have to go to the bank very often. You may convert Minnows into Sharks at a 40:1 ratio whenever you feel like it.

This fishing technique is one-of-a-kind, and it might be difficult for some. Because of the 15-second time limit between locations, there’s a good possibility that fishing spots will relocate. Second, there’s a chance of Flying Fish spawning. These fish will gather your Minnows from your inventory, so you can’t stay out

Overall, fishing for Minnows is a lucrative money-making strategy, but it does require the user to be more attentive than in other games.

Fishing Level 85-99

This time the situation is more difficult. You can now fish for Dark crabs from level 85 Fishing. This is a very profitable approach that provides a lot of XP (30-40k/hr). The problem is that Dark crabs are located in the Wilderness, and you must complete Elite tasks there before being able to catch them faster.

In the Resource Area, there are crabs that look like they’ve been dragged through a hedge. There is an NPC named Piles outside of the Resource Area who may record your catch. The Mage Bank, which is only a few minutes away on foot, is the closest bank.

Players should bank their observed Dark crabs on a regular basis in order to avoid being poked. Bring inexpensive defensive gear, including OSRS Reward items, and 3-4 good things (plus high-healing meals) with you to protect your earnings while running from the PKers.

It is also feasible to finish only Medium and Hard Diaries, but you will be charged a fee to enter the region. A lobster pot and Dark fishing bait are required tools for capturing Dark crabs.

Last, but not least, get the Angler’s outfit from the Fishing Trawler minigame. The complete set gives you 2.5% more Fishing experience than the individual pieces, which is a lot of time over time.

Final Thoughts About Fishing In OSRS

As you’ve undoubtedly discovered, techniques that have been rated successful give less experience than those that have been labeled quick.

We recommend buying OSRS gold if your goal is the Fishing skill cape or you’re stockpiling supplies for a PKing binge and don’t want to sell the valuable catch.

Alleviate the pressure of obtaining coins by always maintaining a sizable reserve in your bank and concentrating on becoming the finest fisherman!

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