Instant Drug Test Kits

Instant drug test kits are a convenient way to detect illicit drugs in your home. Most drug abuse tests contain a sample collection cup and various test strips, cards, cassettes, or other materials. You’ll need to read the instructions carefully to collect a sample and then wait for the results, which are usually available in visual form within a specified time frame. If you suspect you might be using drugs, a kit will provide a negative result in just minutes.

Easy@Home’s 5 Panel

If you’re suspicious that someone in your family has been using drugs, Easy@Home’s 5-panel instant drug test kit will confirm the suspicion. These tests are reliable and accurate and are FDA approved. These 10-panel tests will also test for several other drugs, such as marijuana. Easy@Home also offers multi-drug dip card tests. For a more convenient and affordable way to test for drugs, you can try Easy@Home’s 10 Panel urine test.

The Easy@Home EDOAP-254 Instant Drug Test Kit contains five individually wrapped tests that detect 10 drugs, including phencyclidine and PCP. The test is accurate up to 10 ng/mL, and the sample is discarded if it contains more than five ng/mL of any substance. However, you should keep in mind that the results may be inaccurate if the sample is stored in a fridge for more than 5 minutes. The Easy@Home customer service is available 24 hours a day via email or a toll-free phone line.

Areta’s 14 Panel

Areta’s 14 Panel Instant drug testing kit is a convenient way to check for the presence of drugs in your body. This cup contains a urine collection cup with instructions and a disposable plastic glove for handling the test cups. You need to have fresh urine for testing. The test cups also contain a temperature strip and test strips. Areta’s 14 Panel Drug Test Cup Kit tests for opiates, amphetamines, methadone, tricyclic antidepressants, and other drugs. It is 99% accurate.

Areta’s 14 Panel Instant drug testing kit is an FDA-cleared, Clia-waived, and PICS certified product. Its science is the same as the lab screen test, but costs significantly less. The detection time is dependent on the drug used and the body’s metabolism rate. If your urine sample is contaminated with any type of drug, you need to take care of the matter immediately.

Easy@Home’s EliteScreen

If you’re considering purchasing Easy@Home’s EliteScreen at-home drug test kit, there are a few things to keep in mind. The EliteScreen at-home drug test kit is considered a screening test, and any presumed positive results should be confirmed by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS). However, the cost of this second step is not included in the purchase price. The positive screening result, which means that the sample was properly collected and performed, will be based on cut-off levels, will be confirmed by the GC/MS method.

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The EliteScreen multi-drug test device requires human urine samples. If the samples contain bleach, strong oxidizing agents, or any other substances that could alter the urine sample, then the results will not be accurate. The test works by looking for a concentration of each drug. Generally, these levels are within a cut-off level of 50ng/mL. In other words, if a person has a concentration of more than 50ng/mL, the results will be NEGATIVE.

OPI 2000

The OPI 2000 instant drug test kit is the first of its kind to detect both synthetic and semi-synthetic opiates. The test detects opiates at a cutoff level of 2000 ng/mL and is 99 percent accurate. It requires just 10 seconds of dipping in the test tube. Positive or negative results are indicated by the presence of 2 or one line. If the test line is faint, then the result is negative.

In order to use this urine test kit, you need to have a sample of your urine. After that, you need to prepare the urine sample for further testing. Depending on the product, you may be given a test strip, a cassette, or a pre-addressed mailer. The test is more accurate if it detects a specific drug or combination of drugs. Afterward, you must send the sample to a laboratory for further testing.

Easy@Home’s EDOAP-254

If you’re looking for an accurate and reliable drug test, try Easy@Home’s EDOAP-254, an FDA-approved multi-drug dip card test. This kit contains 10 panels of tested drugs. It can detect drugs such as cocaine, heroin, prescription drugs, and marijuana. This kit is convenient for anyone on the go. It’s also easy to use. Just dip the card into a cup of urine.

The Easy@Home’s EDOAP-253 is available in multiple colors, with the varying colors indicating the presence of different substances. It includes 15 tests, including those for amphetamine and propoxyphene. To use, simply immerse the test kit in a cup of urine and let it sit for ten seconds. After that, simply lay it flat and you can read the results within five minutes. Follow the instructions on the box to interpret the results. The EDOAP-254 offers preliminary results – ideal for recreational use.

Easy@Home’s OPI 2000

This urine drug test kit detects a variety of opiates, including natural and semi-synthetic versions. The OPI 2000 is accurate for up to 31 drugs, including heroin, ecstasy, and methadone. It is easy to use and the results are available within a minute. The test kit is sold at a variety of retailers and is available in five-packs or boxes of 200 tests.

This test cup kit contains a collection cup, disposable gloves, and instructions. Fresh urine must be used for accurate results. The test strips are easy to read and are highly accurate, but they may not be accurate if the urine remains in the cup for five minutes or more. Easy@Home’s customer service is available to answer questions via email or toll-free phone line. Areta’s 14-panel drug test cup kit is also an effective home drug testing option, and includes a dip card for amphetamines, cocaine, and methamphetamines.

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