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Kissanime is a fantastic platform for locating anime series. Our website allows users like you to seamlessly watch these anime as well as download them for free. The videos on Kissanime are available in a variety of resolutions, ranging from 480p to 1080p, for various genres including Action, Drama, History, Shoujo Ai, Comedy, Kissanime keeps anime episodes up to date on a regular basis. Japanese is the primary language used in most anime programs on Kissanime. They are still enjoyable for international fans since they have English subtitles and dubbed versions. Users of Kissanime may get a better experience by using a well-designed and user-friendly interface.

History Of KissAnime:

On August 14, 2020, the website and KissManga were both shut down after approximately 8 years in operation (the .com website was created in 2012 while a more domain was registered in 2016), and it has been claimed that this was due to copyright claims and the potential for new, more stringent Japanese regulations on online piracy. The site was also a target of a subpoena from US company FUNimation in 2017, which characterized the situation as “aimed at someone… distributing infringing material on a MASSIVE scale, for profit.”

In 2018 the site was blocked in Australia.

Watch Anime Online Free in HD

Anime is no longer strange for many people, and the activity of watching anime online is on the rise. Users are unwilling to pay expensive costs to fulfill their entertainment demands because the demand for viewing is so high. In Japan, anime has taken off on television and the internet, eventually spreading to other countries all around the world. As a result, KissAnime was founded and became an essential location to watch free online anime. Several low-quality knockoffs have been put on the market to compete with us. Visit the official site of KissAnime to avoid data theft for the greatest information security.

What happened to KissAnime?

In August 2020, was temporarily shut down. The only exception is kissanime. tube, which is the new, official website and the only former Kissanime replacement. The brand-new Kissanime website is currently accessible on the official Kissanime mobile app. Despite that, if you watch on your computer with a good internet connection, our website will function properly. All anime videos are lightweight on our website, resulting in reduced connection time. As a result, you’re unlikely to see a warning like “Kissanime can’t play video” because of a slow connection or a connectivity issue. As a consequence, you may watch any anime episode without interruption.

Kissanime App

There are several Kissanime applications available on the internet for streaming anime, but most of them are either unlawful or infected with viruses. If you’re looking for a safe and legal anime streaming app, we recommend downloading our KISSANIME program. The KissAnime app is designed to allow users to view anime episodes and movies online for free. We have a large collection of anime titles, with new installments being added on a regular basis.

Kissanime is legal to watch anime series on, there’s no debate about it. The following are some of the reasons why your actions, such as streaming and downloading videos on our website, are not considered copyright infringement under the copyright clause:

  • The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a US copyright law that protects the intellectual property rights of internet service providers, like Kissanime. We follow this statute in order to respect all of the copyright owners’ rights.
  • To download and stream anime series, you may use Openload and Google servers. So there aren’t any copyrighted hosting programs on Kissanime.
  • Kissanime doesn’t utilize anime films to create commercial enterprises or share them. If the videos are solely for personal usage, they are not affected by copyright regulations.

Is KissAnime Safe?

The site is safe for you to visit. It doesn’t require you to submit any personal information, including your credit card and numbers, and it’s chock-full of fresh new material. While you’re on the website, we will not share other data with third parties. Kissanime, on the other hand, is dependent on advertisements to keep operating. One of the distinctive features of Kissanime is that you don’t need to register in order to watch anime episodes on our website. You simply search for the title of the anime you wish to watch and wait for it to load.

What’s the new website of Kissanime?

The following are some of the reasons why we are so proud of our website:

  • High-quality anime: Only high-definition videos subtitled and dubbed in English are accessible on our website to provide you with the best anime viewing experience possible.
  • Get rid of downloading times: Offline viewing of anime films is no longer required. You just need to visit the only genuine Kissanime site, (formerly, to watch the newest anime in its entirety for free.
  • Decrease your entertainment cost: Netflix, Crunchyroll, and other streaming sites can be costly. As a result, watching free anime on Kissanime will go a long way toward reducing your expenses.
  • Unlimited free access: You may watch your favorite series from wherever you want and whenever it is convenient for you. If you must travel to a location where the internet is not accessible,

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