What does S/P stand for in medical terms?

Some people are naturally afraid of being judged by others and most of the time they are self-conscious about their looks and behavior in public. They avoid meeting with others. This makes it difficult for them to perform everyday tasks. Symptoms of this phobia appear in you when you are a child you may find it difficult to talk with your school fellows and teachers. This phobia is generally represented with SP.SP medical abbreviation is Social Phobia. This phobia is due to mental health conditions. It is a kind of persistent, intense fear of being watched and judged by others. This fear could affect your everyday life works like school, office and other works of your daily life. But social phobia doesn’t stop you to reach your potentials. Various treatments can help you overcome your symptoms and live a life full of confidence.

What Is Social Phobia?

Social phobia is kind of a common type of anxiety order. An individual with a social anxiety disorder feels fear and symptoms of anxiety in all certain social situations, such as:

  • Meeting new people.
  • Being in the job interviews.
  • Answering questions when they are asked.
  • To talk with cashiers in stores.

In short, you will be afraid of doing everything in public. Such as using a public restroom, eating and drinking in public, and also causing fear and anxiety. You will always fear being humiliated and disrespected by someone else and they will be judge and reject you. The fear and anxiety people with social phobia have is beyond their ability to control their thinking they fear everything and everything has enmity with them. As a result of this fear it gets into the way of your school, office, and other works of your daily life.

Some people who have social phobia don’t have anxiety in social situations but they are afraid of performing in front of the public. Generally, they feel symptoms of anxiety when they have to deliver a speech, play sports with a huge crowd sitting around, dancing and sing at stages and play any musical instrument in front of people. Without treatment of social phobia may take several years to last, and maybe it remains there for life and won’t bet you attain your life goals. It may also result in keeping you in a corner of your room.

What Are The Symptoms Of Social Phobia (SP)?

Social phobia in other words social anxiety disorder starts when you are young and extremely shy. This phobia is not uncommon. Researchers say that around 7% of Americans are affected by a social anxiety disorder. It is important to treat social phobia before it starts eating you from inside. Whenever they are asked to perform in front of people then people who are suffering from social phobia tend to:

  • The blush or they will be sweating.
  • Their heartbeat increases.
  • Their minds become empty.
  • They may not be able to make eye contact with the audience.
  • Show a rigid body posture.
  • Find it hard to be with people and always speaks with a soft voice.
  • They will act very less in front of strangers and find it difficult to meet with guests.
  • They get a hard time talking to strangers and with people unknown to them.
  • Be very self-conscious.
  • Think that everyone will judge their actions.
  • They feel embarrassed and awkward in gatherings.
  • Stay away from places with a lot of people. The crowd is a kind of fear for them.

So these were some commonly known symptoms of people who are suffering from social phobia (SP).

What Are The Causes Of Social Phobia (SP)?

Social Phobia regimes run from families, but don’t know why some members of the family have this phobia and others don’t have it. As per some experts, some parts of our brain are involved in anxiety and fear. Some researchers think that misreading the behavior of others may take you to social phobia.

An example of it is, you may think that everyone is frowning and staring at you and in actual they are not and minding their own business. Underdeveloped social skills can also be the reason for social anxiety and fear.

If your social skills are not developed well then you may feel discouraged while communicating with others. You will also be afraid of doing the same in the future. By thinking more about that to your fear of meeting with people and it is difficult for you to communicate and sit in the gatherings. By learning more about fear and anxiety may help our researchers and doctors to treat them well.

Some Common Abbreviations Of SP In Medical Terms

The SP abbreviation medical which we have taken is Social Phobia. Although SP has many other abbreviations in medical terms and these include:

  • (Sacroposterior position)
  • (Social Phobia)
  • (Serum Protein)
  • (Serine protease)
  • (Solid Phase)
  • (Slow Potential)
  • (Superoxide Production)

Although you may find many other abbreviations for the term SP in medicines these were some of the common terms we have extracted. Each abbreviation of SP has its definition and explanation and is related to different medical principles. But Social Phobia is one of the common abbreviations for SP taken in medical terms. Taking SP medical abbreviations Social phobia doesn’t mean it is the appropriate one, there you can find a lot of abbreviations.

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How Can We Treat Social Phobia?

If you have discovered your phobia then the next step is to talk to your healthcare advisor and your doctor about your symptoms. Here your doctor may examine and ask about your health history and make sure that any unrelated physical may not cause these problems to you and treat you likewise. The next step your doctor can take can be taking you to a mental health specialist like a psychologist or psychiatrist or may to a counselor and maybe to a social worker. Here the important thing to do is to make a diagnostic generally made by mental health specialists. This social anxiety disorder is generally treated with psychotherapy also called talk therapy. Medication is also involved to treat your phobia. Concern your doctor for the best therapy they can give to you. There are three types of treatment for social phobia (SP). These includes:


Once you discuss your symptoms with your doctor or healthcare specialist than with psychotherapy they will also, recommend you some medicines. There are three types of medications used to help treat your social phobia (SP).

  • Anti-anxiety medicines
  • Beta-blockers
  • Antidepressants

Anti-anxiety medicines are effective and show their effect right after their usage and reduce anxiety. However, these medicines are not taken for a long period. People can build up self-control if these medicines are used for a long period.


To treat social phobia and of treatment is used and that is called cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). CBT enables you to think, react, and behave as per the situation and act upon things by keeping the consequences in your mind. Due to these mental exercises, you become fearless and anxiety-free. It also helps you learn social skills and improve your communication skills. CBT delivered in a group format is effective and helps a lot to gain self-confidence. As you will be socially engaged then in group format your social skills will be improved automatically and reduce your fear of being judged. Different websites are available from where you can hire psychotherapists to cure your social phobia.

Support Groups

Many people who are suffering from social phobia find it helpful to get engaged with support groups. In a group of people who all have SP, you will get unbiased and honest feedback about yourself and how in the group they see you. They will present their honest review of your personality and get you to know which parts of your personality you need some improvement on. They may also encourage good things about your personality and advice you to polish them more. This makes you more confident and changes your wrong perception of yourself. This way you can realize that your previous thoughts and judgment were kind of wrong. You will also come to know that how a person with SP behaves in public when he/she have to perform something in public.

How does SP Affect Your Personality?

An individual with social phobia fears everything. The person will be more self-conscious about his/her personality and live under the sympathy of other people. In short, you can say he/she is living for others. The individual will lack self-confidence everywhere and that results in eventually taking him/her down and people start taking advantage of them. They will be puppets in the hands of people and if I call them slaves that won’t be a wrong term. SP lasts with the time when the individual suffering from this phobia is forced to join public gatherings or needs to interact with other people.

Bottom Lines

Social phobia (SP) is a kind of Social anxiety disorder. The individual suffering from this phobia fears s and will be afraid of meeting others. They think everyone out there is to judge them and they humiliate them. But it doesn’t mean they don’t have the potential to achieve their goals. This phobia has its treatment. This can be treated with a psychotherapist and by taking medicines to reduce the anxiety levels. People suffering from this phobia may overcome it by concerning their healthcare specialists or physiotherapists.

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