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Barbarian Fishing is a fishing technique unique to barbarians. It may be learned by Barbarians with level 48 Fishing, 15 Agility, and 35 Strength who speak to Otto God blessed in his home near Baxtorian Falls.

Fishing with a heavy rod

He begins by teaching the player about big rod fishing. Heavy rod fishing necessitates a barbarian rod (found underneath Otto’s bed), any sort of bait, and a knife to clean the fish. In order to catch the unique fish in Otto’s lake, Strength and Agility levels are required, in addition to the fishing skill. The leaping fish may be sliced open to extract ry and caviar, which can be used in Herblore. Catching them provides a tiny amount of strength and agility experience. The following are the fish you may catch this way:

Fishing bare-handed

After that, the player can catch tuna, swordfish, and sharks without a harpoon using this technique. A higher Fishing level is required as well as a Strength level that is equal to or greater than the one needed to capture the fish normally. However, it does offer some Strength XP.

If you employ barbarian methods to catch swordfish, you will still get tuna if you have the necessary levels for both. After the tool belt upgrade, you will automatically snare with the barbarian approach if you have the required strength level. If the player is attempting to catch fish with a harpoon, for example, if they have sufficient level to bare-hand capture tuna but not swordfish, they will need to bring another harpoon into their inventory or utilize a Barb-tail harpoon.


If you’re going to be catching massive rods, bring your pole, knife, and 25 fishing bait or feathers to the fishing holes and catch a full variety of fish. You may also cut them into fish offcuts and caviar/roe while doing so. When your fish offcuts get full, drop them and go fishing/cutting with the caviar/roe. You can get the offcuts after you have spent the caviar/roe as they are likewise lured. Dropping the caviar/roe invests in some opportunity to drop than the stackable offcuts. This gets you around 50 to 60k an hour at 70 fishing. Note that it is feasible to run out of lure just from cutting open the fish so bring some backup snare/quills to play it safe.

While fishing with Bait, feathers, offcuts, and caviar/roe in your stock you will utilize the trap first, then, at that point, the plumes, then, at that point, the offcuts, then, at that point, the caviar/roe. In the event that you are banking the caviar/roe for brute elixirs it is really smart to take a lot of lure/quills, to begin with and bank the fish offcuts with the caviar/roe. This way you can save the offcuts for later savage fishing trips with the goal that you will not need to try utilizing other lures or quills. Starting snare may not be required on crowded universes as there are frequent players at the fishing opening who drop got fish, which can without much of a stretch be gotten and destroyed.

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On the off chance that you don’t mean to utilize the offcuts or caviar/roe, the best experience strategy for weighty pole fishing is to simply assume snare and position the three kinds of fish onto the capacity bar, and keybind them. Holding down the particular key will drop all of that sort of fish from your stock, without intruding on the fishing activity.

Now that fishing urns stack, there is not a great explanation for not taking the biggest stack one feels important to arrive at the ideal Fishing level with them. Ensure programmed urn instant transportation is checked in player choices. To ascertain the number of urns one necessities, partition the experience staying to the objective by 11,400 and buy those numerous urns and water runes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When would it be advisable for me to begin barbarian fishing?

Despite the fact that you can begin barbarian fishing at level 48, you can find jumping trout, which gives a similar measure of involvement as ordinary trout, at a more slow rate. It’s not prescribed to start savage fishing before level 58 which permits you to find jumping salmon.

How would you fish in a barbarian station?

Speedy aid:

Go to Otto’s home by utilizing a game’s neckband and choosing Barbarian Outpost, then, at that point, go south and somewhat toward the west until you arrive at his home.

Converse with Otto after you finished a Bow fire, and he will show you Barbarian Fishing with a weighty casting pole.

How would you get a barbarian fishing pole/rod Osrs?

The barbarian pole/rod is a heavier adaptation of the casting pole utilized during the Fishing part of Barbarian Training. Whenever you start that part of the preparation Otto God blessed will allow you to take this casting pole from under the bed in his lodge; assuming you lose or drop it, get one more from the bed.

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