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Smart Nora is a Toronto-based startup that focuses on wellness and sleep. The Smart Nora Snoring Solution was launched initially via a Kickstarter campaign. It is the company’s sole product. This device was designed to stop you from snoring before your partner does.

Smart Nora uses pressure to raise and lower your pillows, engaging the throat muscles that stop you from snoring. This method is quite different from other anti-snoring gadgets. Smart Nora is an excellent choice for those who wish to reduce snoring but don’t want to use a device while they sleep. It can be used with any pillow and in any position.

Smart Nora is not designed to treat sleep apnea. The Smart Nora is a device that will stop you from snoring. A doctor does not prescribe it. Please consult your doctor if you have a sleep disorder.

While all anti-snoring devices share the same goal of preventing snoring, their methods vary widely. We will examine the Smart Nora’s operation, who it is intended for, as well as its cost.

Smart Nora Review Breakdown

Smart Nora is an innovative, tech-based sleeping solution. The device consists of two components. The Pebble microphone is mounted above your head and detects signs of snoring. The microphone sends Bluetooth signals to an inflatable insert under your pillow when it detects snoring. Your pillow will move gently, allowing air to flow through your throat.

Smart Nora is ideal for those who want to stop snoring but don’t require medical intervention. Although the Smart Nora is more expensive than traditional anti-snoring products, it can be appealing to those who don’t wish to wear a mouthguard or other devices to their bed. The Smart Nora’s primary purpose is to stop you from snoring all night or wake up your partner if they share the bed. Smart Nora is straightforward to set up and requires regular charging.

Smart Nora – What Is In The Box?

  • The Pebble is a small, mouse-shaped device that detects snoring sounds.
  • The Pillow Insert is a device that can be slipped into your pillowcase and inflates or deflates gently to stop snoring. (Much more later).
  • Two Chargers: One for your Pebble and one for your base
  • Overhead Mount– A mount to attach your Pebble to the wall above your bed

Smart Nora is available in one size, which should fit all pillows. However, the manufacturer recommends using queen-sized pillows. The Smart Nora’s main components are the Pebble microphone and inflatable pillow inserts. You will also receive a case, Pebble wall mount, and chargers.

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Both the base and the Pebble microphone require charging. You must charge the base every night, and the Pebble will last at most for a week. To ensure that the base is ready to use at night, the manufacturer suggests keeping it plugged in when you are not home.

smart nora sleep apnea

Smart Nora - Pricing Information

Smart Nora is more expensive than other anti-snoring devices. The Smart Nora”s most”pieces and guards, for example, are usually half the price.

A pillow with a higher loft may be all that is needed to stop snoring for some sleepers. The Smart Nora is durable and can be Nora’s night without additional pillows.

Smart Nora is significantly less expensive than other options, such as surgery or adjustable beds. Smart Nora users don’t have to buy a new pillow to use it. Users can use any pillow with Smart Nora.

Smart Nora is available at $359.

smart nora snoring solution reviews

Features and Performance

Smart Nora is an anti-snoring device that anyone who snores can use. This device is not available to be used as a medical device. Individuals suffering from sleep disorders should consult their doctor to find out the best options.

Smart Nora is more discreet than anti-snoring devices like tongue retainers and mouthguards. Anyone can use this, regardless of their pillow type or sleeping position. Smart Nora’s simple-to-use functions and customizable settings make it an excellent choice for all sleepers.

  • Smart Nora can be used with any pillows. Each kind of sleeper i.e stomach, back, and side sleepers can use Smart Nora.
  • You must pair Smart Nora with a queen-sized pillow to achieve the best results. Smaller pillowcases may cause the insert to stick out. The insert may not support the pillow fully if it is too small for larger sizes than a queen.
  • The insert for an inflatable pillow is adjustable. The inflatable pillow insert can be adjusted to accommodate different loft preferences.
  • Five settings are available for the Pebble microphone. You can set the microphone to adjust its sensitivity for noise levels, quiet bedrooms, or high background noise.
  • Smart Nora has a delay function that allows you to sleep for up to 30 minutes before the microphone begins working.

Smart Nora – How Do You Set It All Up?

  • The Smart Nora’s three major components are the inflatable pillow insert and base and the Pebble microphone.
  • Install the pebble on the headboard or wall approximately 10 inches above the pillow. The inflatable insert can be easily slipped into your pillowcase. The base is connected by an air tube that runs from the connecting air tube. You can place Smart Nora on the ground or hidden away.
smart nora snoring solution

Is It Necessary To Have A Prescription for Smart Nora?

  • Smart Nora doesn’t require a prescription. The Smart Nora does not intend to replace doctor-prescribed treatments for sleep apnea.

Does Smart Nora Make Noise?

  • The pump may cause light sleepers to wake up when it first engages. It may require some time to adapt to the slight movement and noise caused by the pump, but sound sleepers won’t notice it. The manufacturer suggests that you use the Smart Nora for at least seven days.

Smart Nora – How Does It Work?

Snorinwon’twhen your tongue and throat muscles aren’t working as hard as they should during normal breathing. The airway can become narrower when these muscles relax. The airway vibrates when this happens, and you may snore. Smart Nora gently arent the pillow to increase tension in your throat muscles. When these muscles adequately engage, your airway reopens, and you will be able to breathe normally again.

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The Smart Nora Consists of two components: the Pebble and the inflatable pillow insert.

Smart Nora Pebble, a microphone, detects snoring sounds before it becomes too loud. Bluetooth alerts the Pebble when it detects heavy breathing light snoring, and the inflatable insert and pump work together to raise or lower your pillow.

The Smart Nora inflatable insert is placed under the pillow. This means that back, side, and stomach sleepers can all use it. It can be used with any pillow type. Smart Nora is not for people who flip their pillows throughout the night. You must place the insert under the pillow to work correctly.

There are many other anti-snoring devices that shoppers can look into, in addition to Smart Nora. Mouthguards or mouthpieces keep your tongue and jaw open by holding them at certain angles. An adjustable or a pillow with a higher loft or mattress can help to reduce snoring. These solutions can prevent your tongue from rubbing too hard while you sleep.

Both partners can use the Smart Nora. However, one of the partners can activate both Smart Noras. Children and infants should not use the Smart Nora.

smart nora reviews

Smart Nora – Trial, Warranty, Shipping Policies


  • The Smart Nora Snoring Solution can be purchased directly through the manufacturer’s site. This device is not available through third-party retailers.


  • Smart Nora ships the device free of charge within the U.S. (including Alaska, Hawaii), Canada, and Austrmanufacturer’s days of purchase, devices ship via DHL.
  • The company packs Smart Nora in a felt case that can transport. The Smart Nora comes with all the necessary components for assembly. It is easy to set up.


  • A 30-day free trial covers smart Nora devices. Customers can return the product to receive a full refund after that time. Customers who wish to return their units can request a return shipping label free of charge from the manufacturer.

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  • Smart Nora comes with a limited warranty of 1 year that covers manufacturing defects.

Smart Nora - Benefits:

  • Quick Setup – In all, setup should take about 10 minutes. Simply plug everything in and turn it on. The base and pebble take approximately three hours to fully charge, but it’s easy to assemble Smart Nora.
  • Non-Invasive – Smart Nora is a non-invasive that attaches to your head, nose, or any other part of your body. This is my favorite feature of the device. You might be more comfortable if you have tried other anti-snoring devices.
  • Sensitivity settings – You can adjust the pebble’s sensitivity to suit your environment. This is very useful. The sensitivity setting of the pebble can be changed to control how fast the inflatable insert responds when snoring is occurring. If you want it to respond to even the most subtle snoring sounds of your neighbors, increase the sensitivity!
  • Silent The inflatable insert is extremely quiet. I could barely hear the sound when my ear was pressed against the pillow. I promise that the inflatable insert does not make any mechanical noises when it rises or falls.
  • Company Policies Smart Nora offers free shipping and comes with a 30 days refund policy. These generous policies make me feel more confident about spending my money.

Final Verdict

  • The product is still very new at this point. There are still some quirks that can cause problems if you and your partner snore. Your snoring could cause your partner to have trouble with their device. You can always buy two and adjust the sensitivity to make it work.
  • The product comes in at about three hundred dollars higher than the average. It’s not going to be something you’ll use every night, and it comes with a 1-year limited warranty. I believe this investment could be well worth it. In our case, the most important thing was that it worked.
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