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Did you know that osteoporosis affected over 200 million people when this article was written? According to the International Osteoporosis Foundation (1 in 33), women are more likely to be diagnosed with this condition than 1 in 5 men. Imagine letting out a sneeze and feeling crippled, possibly breaking a bone.


It is frightening to think that even minor stressors can cause one’s daily existence to destroy. Kevin Ellis has been there and done it all. He wants to help this population.


Kevin, the BoneCoach(TM), and his team have launched a blueprint covering all aspects of the condition. This solution may allow individuals to live without fear of developing new conditions. Here’s a complete guide to “Strong Bones Now.”

What is Stronger Bones Solutionn?

Stronger Bones Now, a 60-page blueprint with three steps, has a design to help people overcome overwhelm, stress, fracture-related concerns, and fear. This blueprint will help you have stronger bones and confidence by guiding you. After Kevin Ellis was diagnosed with osteoporosis (a condition that weakens bones), this system was created. It can cause rapid fractures in the hips, spine, and wrists. This is a very unfortunate condition. Until a bone breaks, everything goes unnoticed. We must give insight into these three steps, given the severity of the condition.


What can you discover with Stronger Bones Solution?

We have three fundamental steps that will help us achieve stronger bones. Although Kevin did not go into too much detail, we know it involves identifying and eliminating any stressors, restoring your body with essential nutrients, and optimizing your body, mind, and bones. The Stronger Bones Now eBook will provide more details. Here are some other pieces of information that Bone Coach’s Stronger Bones Now ebook contains:


  • This three-step blueprint can help you build strong bones and prevent fractures so that you can live active lives.
  • This is a relevant component that Bone Density scans fail to identify, and doctors are concerned about.
  • People don’t know enough about their bone health (i.e., strong or weak).
  • Five steps to improve bone health at home
  • Why conventional and natural strategies fail for stronger bones
  • The 1 error many osteopenia patients and those with osteoporosis make
  • Why water is important and how it relates to low bone density.
  • The essential tools for osteoporosis patients
  • The four inner disruptors prevent nutrients from influencing bone health
  • Even though fractures are more likely than not, it is possible.
  • The missing parts to the most strong bones plans

All You Need in One Place:

The Stronger Bones Solution program will save you time and make it easier to find the right information. The program brings together experts, specialists, and information to make it easy to start a bone rehabilitation plan.


Easy to Navigate Online Training Hub:


The email will be sent to you to provide guidance and show you how to start the program. It’s easy to navigate the entire program.


Step-by-Step Guidance:


Learn exactly what to do how to recognize and treat bone loss. The 12-week course will teach you how to nourish your body to prevent fractures and injury. It takes only fifteen minutes each day.


Based on Science and Simplicity:


Stronger Bones Solution allows users to reap the maximum benefits from their workouts. It keeps you up-to-date with the latest research on bone health.


Exclusive Bone Health Education:


All those suffering from osteopenia or bone conditions will access all details about the treatment and re-strengthening. The 12-week program will provide all the information you need to avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes.


Downloads, PDFs, and Checklists:


More Vital Bones Solution will offer easy-to-understand resources that can be downloaded to any electronic device such as iPads and smartphones, laptops and desk computers, or smartphones. These resources will assist you in monitoring your progress and getting the most from your lab results. These tools will help you take control of your life.


Strong Bones Baseline Assessment:


A rough assessment of your physiology is done upon enrollment. This assessment will give you a score known as the “Strong Bones Score,” which will reveal your current status regarding key indicators of bone health. The assessment will show you where your body is weaker and needs to improve. This will give you the best chance of improving yourself.


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The score and assessment report will help you see your strengths and weaknesses in terms of health. This will allow us to identify the weak areas and find ways to address them. After 6-12 weeks, You will reevaluate the score. This will allow you to keep track.


Personal Program Roadmap:


Based on your evaluation score, you’ll receive a detailed course outline. First step is to determine your top priorities. This will allow you to quickly get on the road to developing bone strength and restoring bone loss.


Zoom Calls via BoneCoach (TM) Success Coach:


Your bone trainer will be in touch via zoom calls. The trainer will check your progress and any necessary changes made. The trainer will schedule this call after you have registered for your program. Your trainer will provide the guidance and support to help you do the exercise most effectively. You will also learn healthy habits.

Are Stronger Bones Now Available in Physical or Virtual Delivery?

The bonus guides and Stronger Bones will be delivered virtually. After purchase, the company will email the customer to access everything. You can find this email either in your Inbox or Junk folders.

Is there a way to receive further assistance from the Stronger Bones Now group?

Yes. After placing an order for the Stronger Bones Now program, people should be notified about any upgrades to live, personal coaching support from Kevin and his staff. Kevin is available to assist with lab testing, but it would be an additional cost. Upgrades are possible, but only those who have purchased this system will be able to do so.

Why should people act now?

It is much easier to prevent a bone loss than to repair it after the fact. Although you can do building bones at any age, it will become more difficult over time. Individuals will learn how to build bone and prevent problems by contacting Stronger Bones Now.

Are Stronger Bones able to replace doctor visits?

Stronger Bones Now was never intended to replace a healthcare professional’s help. It does not intend to replace the care of a healthcare professional. Kevin and his team encourage patients to discuss the possibility of adding Stronger Bones now to their routines before they make any changes.

What are the supposed benefits of Stronger Bones Now?

All the guesswork surrounding osteoporosis symptoms and ways to get relief has been eliminated. Individuals no longer have to search the internet or read books about osteoporosis symptoms. The guide is by someone who has overcome osteoporosis.


  • Marcelle Pick OBGYN Nurse, Functional Medicine Practitioner, and Educator
  • Betty Murray – Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner
  • Dr. Sherry Betz, Doctor of Physical Therapy and Board-Certified Geriatrics Specialist
  • Amanda Li: Registered Dietitian & Chef
  • Polina Riikoun: Expert in Stress Reduction
  • Danya Joy: Registered Nurse & Certified Health Coach

This system is known to be a great help in bone health.

What if stronger bones now aren't as efficient as it seems?

Customers can contact customer service to receive a full refund of their purchase price if they are unsure about the solutions offered on the internet or feel uncomfortable with the advice provided by Stronger Bones Now. For the essentials, consider contacting customer support via email at customercare@bonecoach.com.

What does each of the Stronger Bones Now contain?

Three bonuses have been added to each Stronger Bones Now guide. Here’s a brief description of the bonuses:


Bonus 1: BoneCoach(TM), Eat Sheet(TM)

For individuals who want to create their bone-healthy diet, the BoneCoach(TM), Eat Sheet(TM), a 50-page guidebook, has been created. Kevin’s revelation that calcium, vitamin D, and leafy greens are unnecessary for stronger bones has made heads turn. There are three more facets to the power of strong bones: consuming the right nutrients, ensuring maximum absorption, and healing at a cellular level.


This bonus will allow individuals to become familiar with:


  • The difference in the right and wrong diets for bone health
  • Tips to maximize the benefits of nutrients on your body even if you are experiencing digestive distress
  • How to navigate a bone-healthy diet in conjunction with an autoimmune disease
  • The six pillars are the foundation of a powerful bone-healthy diet
  • One-page summary about bone-healthy protein, carbs, and fats.
  • Kevin’s Top 15 Bone-Building Strategies That Worked for Him and 90% Of His Clients
  • Four-week-long step-by-step plan to master the art of building bone-healthy diets
  • Hidden revelations about the alkaline diet
  • 17 Bone-Healthy Nutrients to get optimal results when used in combination with delicious recipes


Bonus 2: Top Bone Damagers Guide

Kevin continues with the second bonus, “Top Bone Damagers Guide,” where he explains many masked contributors to bone loss that need to be identified and blocked off. This bonus will provide details on how to remove them and the process.


Bonus 3: Paying It Forward

Kevin will donate to No Kid Hungry for each person who invests in Stronger Bones Now. This charity offers meals and nutritional programs to children in need. Read Kevin’s thoughts:


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“As a father to two children, August and Autumn, it hurts me to see that some children don’t get the essential nutrition they need to maintain healthy bodies and bones. From a parent’s point of view, it’s hard to imagine having to choose between feeding my children in winter and turning on the heat in summer. This amazing charity is our goal to donate $100,000 throughout the year. This means that your investment in your health directly impacts the lives of children in need.

what is peak bone mass

What does it cost to get Stronger Bones Now?

Kevin and his team offered the main guide and bonus, usually priced at more than $199, as a kick-start to the new year for $27. This offer will expire soon. We recommend that the individuals act quickly to avoid losing their retail price.

Kevin Ellis, BoneCoach(TM):

Kevin Ellis, founder of BoneCoach(TM), Osteoporosis “Thriver,” is an Integrative Nutrition Certified Coach, Stronger Bones Solutions(TM), Program Instructor, and former osteoporosis combatant. His powerful and engaging speeches range from managing stress and sleep to better lifestyle choices, bone health, and how to manage it. Kevin has worked with various organizations, from small businesses in the Midwest to large tech companies in NYC. Email kevin@bonecoach.com to learn more about Kevin’s virtual private health coaching for executives.


Kevin’s experience with osteoporosis led to the creation of BoneCoach(TM), namely the difficulties he faced in figuring out how to address bone loss, bone strength, and prevention. He saw the need to fill the gaps, especially for this underserved population, and founded BoneCoach(TM). The initial effort was a single one-person operation that grew to include a group of passionate, highly qualified team members dedicated to helping women build stronger bones and live healthier lives.

Stronger Bones

Final Verdict:

Stronger Bones Now is a simple guide that helps women understand the steps necessary to improve the bone health and minimize the risk of osteoporosis. Our editors well received the entire system for many reasons. The BoneCoach(TM) team’s belief in science and simple methods co-exist a huge plus, particularly regarding their strategy. Because they are not susceptible to manipulation by hype solutions and false claims, this gives individuals confidence.


The second is that the team includes health professionals of various types, allowing access to many perspectives. The topic of bone health is not only about recovery. It also includes nutrition, sleep quality, exercise, and other topics. All of these are addressed by Stronger Now Bones. Kevin Ellis is third. Kevin Ellis, a former osteoporosis patient, was in frustration, lacking relevant information. He decided to embark on his healing journey. Stronger Bones now is a true-life story!


The cherry on top is the promise of the team to give back to their community. Many people will see a positive change in their lives by paying one low price. These are not convincing facts. We should remember that Stronger Bones Now does not intend to replace any existing medication or medical advice.



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