Where Can I Buy The Lost Book Of Remedies?

Herbal remedies are were used when medical science was not advanced. Medicines were prepared with plants, herbal extracts, and by preparing remedies by mixing different herbal extracts. Although medical science become advanced still advanced countries like the US and China are in touch with old ways of medical treatments. The lost book of remedies is a book with the same perspective. This book was written by Claude Davis and edited by Nicole Apelian. The Book explains to us the healing power of plant medicines. You can well imagine what this article is going to be. Let’s dive into it and know about this Book.

About The Lost Book Of Old Remedies

The percentage of Americans that use some form of traditional remedies in their lives is 40%. Herbal medicines have a huge business throughout the world. People spend their money in different medical stores but what they don’t realize is medicines are available at their back doors for free. Most of the information about these herbal remedies is stored in the book of herbal remedies. This is a massive book. It consists of 300 pages and features almost 800 unique herbs and plants. Information about these plants is also added in this book that how to use and grow them. This book is particularly a kind of a reference book.

In this book, all plants are itemized and you will recognize them by knowing where they grow naturally and the expected treatment that is possible with them.

How This Book Is Organized?

One important thing to keep in mind is that this book is organized like a reference book. The book begins with a table of contents. You can use its table of content to search for the plants based on their common and scientific names. Its table of content is categorized in the form of groups so that you should find plants based on various categories. These categories include:

  • Shrubs
  • Plants
  • Backyard trees

You will find a medicinal herbal reference guide after an author section. The reference section will guide you about the plants that you need as per your medical issues, for example, if you know about medication for digestive issues then there will be subcategories including bloating, constipation, abdominal pain, and so on. It concludes with an actual appendix and necessarily combines everything from the table of content and the reference guide.

How Readers Can Benefit Themselves From This Book?

This herbal remedies book is specially written for those who are interested in the subject. It may seem like an obvious statement to you but wait for a moment. Many of us are recommended with the books but once we go through them that won’t be of your interest there are chances. Several books may have some interesting topics. But books enhance your vocabulary still if they will not be of your interest to. Due to the dry nature of this book, it is not recommended for everyone. But those who are interested in old remedies will benefit themselves with this book. The lost book of herbal remedies will be an invaluable book for you if you are interested in traditional medicine. You need not be a survivalist to go through this book but if you have an interest.

Note: This book is recommended for those that are interested in the old ways of medical treatments and medicines of that time. A survivalist may not enjoy this book because its content is a bit dry.

An Overview Of  The Lost Book Of Herbal Remedies

It comes up with a disclaimer so, once you open it then it is advised that the content it contains should not be considered as a medication guide. It indicates that the remedies that are included were used somewhere in past. Here there is an open message for its readers that you must try to research on your behalf about any plant and treatment you intend to use. As per the previous table of content and references in the first 40 pages of this book, they will educate you that how to harvest these plants and use them. Here Nicole Apelian provides you instructions about:

  • Powdered herbs.
  • Salves
  • Oil infusions
  • Teas
  • Syrups
  • Distillation
  • Poultices

There is huge information for those who are interested in the topic. Plants are presented in five broad categories and we dive into these categories briefly:

Trees And Shrubs

In this section, you will see a chart of where several leaf types that are common in North America. Then you can educate yourself about these leaves, flowers, and barks that you can either eat or use for the sake of medicines and in a few cases for both purposes. It is experimented with several teas pitch and leaves and it cannot be taken daily rather than a survival condition. Balm was also being made by birch pitch and that had an effect.

Forests, Scrublands, And Woodlands

In this section, a picture will be provided along with its identification on the given biomes in the title.  Apelian here indicates whether the plant is edible or can be used for medical purposes. A common highlight in this section is ginseng which you can grow in your garden and can use for tea or any other recipe.

Lichens And Mushrooms

This is one of the most favorite sections of a few readers. It educates you that if pass mushrooms through an extraction process they can be used as a medicine. The book will guide you about its process likewise. As compared to trees identifying mushrooms is a bit scary. Its writer even himself didn’t try to research to give confidence to its readers in this matter. They were unable to give confidence to their readers that how to pick up the right mushroom for the right medication. Although it’s a bit scary readers mostly enjoy this sanction of this book.

Household Remedies

In this section of the book, the treatments do not include plants and herbs rather you can use household substances to prepare your medicines. Let’s put in a few examples like absorbing a chemical poison by using activated carbon. Use bleach to sanitize water, to cure athlete’s feet use boric acid, to prevent cold symptoms prefer cayenne, and for diabetic control use cinnamon.

Water Loving Plants

This last section includes plants from wetlands. The best-known wetlands plant is cattails in this section. Most people try cattails in various dishes. But those remedies of this water-loving plant were included in another book but not in the lost book of herbal remedies.

Bonus Materials

If you want to purchase it then the core purchase of this book gives you access to this book in a PDF format. You can purchase a hard copy of this book as well, along with that you need to pay its shipping and handling price as well. It is not worth purchasing this book physically because you will get two additional books if you download them.

Good Things About This Book

Lost Book Of Remedies

This book provides a lot of knowledge about herbal medicine and its uses. It is an enjoyable, informative, and consistent book. Its writing and way of editing are all on point. Let’s discuss in bullets the good things about this book:

  • Easy to follow guidelines through identification.
  • Well organized and written.
  • Dense with knowledge.
  • Formatted PDF in a professional way.

Although there is a lot of criticism about this book. Many people criticize that all its writing levels are not equal and this book was placed at times.

Drawbacks Of This Book

Although this book is jammed with quality information and also costs reasonable some people think that certain flaws in it include:

  • It is very costly for a few.
  • The Hardcover edition of this book is cheap.
  • Many criticize its section on mushrooms.

It will cost you $40 nowadays if you buy it in hardcopy. The shipping cost for it will be nearly $10. But the quality of its hardcover is medium grade.

Customer Reviews

This book has a 93% approval rating means its customer reviews are overwhelming. On eBay, it has a 4.8 rating out of five. Its Amazon rating is 4.5 out of five stars and it is the number one bestseller on Amazon within its category. More than 20,000 reviews were taken from user clients out of which its approval rate is 95% that is incredible in itself.

But here people come up with questions like How to buy this book?

You can purchase this book from its official website. What about its refund policy?

If you purchase this book from its official website and you won’t find it useful then you may request for refund. It comes with 60 days and a 100% money-back guarantee.

Bottom Lines

It is quite clear from its customer reviews that this book is very useful for many people especially those who are associated with old ways of treatment and medicines. If the healing power of plants is a topic that interests you then this book is recommended for you. The book is jammed with useful information and each tree, plant, and the herb is identified in a good way. So, purchase it from its official website without any pause if knowing about herbal medicines is one of the topics of your interest.

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