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Adonis, the Greek god, was the master of longing and incredibleness. He was described as having perfect symmetry and degree. This degree and balance are now measured to estimate the distance between a man’s waist and shoulders. This is the Adonis Index. It describes a beautiful and fulfilling male body.

What is The Adonis Golden Ratio, and How Does It Work?

This program focuses on the present. All you need to lose weight and build a strong body is DNA. Kyle Leon created the Adonis Golden Ratio. This program helps to eliminate stubborn stomach fat and create a slim, muscular body around the Adonis Index. According to the Adonis Index, each body has a perfect shoulder. This makes it look elegantly satisfying. This program will walk you through the necessary preparations and sustenances to achieve this ideal extent.

 Practical people should be pragmatic. The real reason to build muscle and shape your body to attract women is to look amazing to other men.

Kyle is a highly respected nutritionist who is well-known and understood. Moreover, He also creates various weight loss and muscle-building programs. Adonis’s splendid extent is a 12-week program that helps men achieve this flawlessly comparing body. This program is suitable for all ages and all levels of wellbeing. This program is top-rated and provides both support as well as exercise. Your Adonis Index is used to determine how the sustenance orchestrated will re-try your dinner mastermind. You will get access to all the information you want, including timetables and representatives. You will be engaged and awakened by the variety of movement activities. Kyle will even show you how to maintain an essential separation

adonis golden ratio system review

Adonis Golden Ratio Manufacturer:

John Barban is the inventor of AGR.John has several degrees, including a Masters of Human Biology. Furthermore, His graduate research was in Exercise Physiology. Likewise, he is also a certified Kinesiologist and a personal trainer and has been working in the dietary supplement and sports supplement industries for more than eight years. This time was spent researching and developing weight loss and sports supplements.

John wanted a slim, attractive body, and the AGR was born. After years of trial-and-error, John finally found the proper focus to achieve the body shape he wanted. It was testosterone.

He discovered that testosterone was essential for building lean muscle but also to help men lose unwanted belly fat. This is how the Adonis Golden Ratio was created.

Adonis Golden Ratio- Program Duration

The Adonis Golden Ratio (AGR) is broken down into three 12-week training programs. Moreover, It also contains a 12-week nutrition plan with a supplement guide.

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To summarize, Each program has a different goal. The best 12-week program is for you regardless of your fitness level.

The AGR calculator will calculate your body’s height, weight, waist, and nutritional needs.

adonis golden ratio workouts

Adonis Golden Ratio Workout – Accessibility:

Only online access to Adonis Golden Ratio can be made. Hardcopy copies are not available.

After purchasing AGR, your temporary username will be emailed to you along with your password. This will allow you immediate access to the AGR online member website. You will be able to access your programs, and you can download the nutrition software that will assist you in tracking your results.

Download and print the 12-week training programs, grocery shopping list, and meal plans. Furthermore, you can also download the Adonis Golden Ratio app for Android and Apple users.

Moreover, You can view the entire workout online and then click on the exercise you’re unsure of. This will redirect you to a short video tutorial.

Who Can Use Adonis Golden Ratio Workout ?

The Adonis Golden Ratio program is for all men.

No matter what fitness level or age group, any man who wants to lose fat or increase muscle mass will benefit from the testosterone-boosting effects of this program. You’ll also be able to avoid five common foods that can interfere with your natural testosterone levels.

Naturally, men experience a decline in testosterone levels around 30. Therefore, men need to learn how to increase their bodies ability to produce testosterone.

adonis golden ratio results

The Adonis Golden Ratio- Fitness Goals:

Body transformation is Adonis Golden Ratio’s critical goal for health and fitness. You can achieve this goal by building muscle, losing weight, or building or maintaining power while simultaneously losing fat.

The ultimate goal for the AGR is to achieve a body that looks strong and healthy. You will not be bulky, unnaturally heavy, or fat. Instead, you will be ripped and fit.

Your height determines your ideal waist measurement. The Adonis Golden, waist to shoulder ratio, is the best way to decide your perfect body shape. Your shoulders should measure 1.6 times your waist. Your height is the best way to determine your ideal waist measurement.

John Barban claims that your testosterone levels directly correlate with your waist circumference.

Too much fat often causes insulin resistance. Moreover, research has shown that high body fat can increase insulin levels and lower testosterone levels. You won’t build muscle if you don’t have enough testosterone. Without enough testosterone, your body won’t make enough muscle.

The AGR system help men lose weight and build muscle. It includes a nutrition plan, a training program, and a supplement schedule that optimizes the body’s testosterone levels. 

Adonis Golden Ratio Program – Equipments :

Equipment required to complete the Adonis Golden Ratio program training includes the equipment you can find in most local gyms.

You’ll need:

  • Dumbbells in various weights
  • a stability/exercise ball
  • Both flat and inclined benches
  • A plyometric box
  • Cable stacks for pulldowns and triceps extensions.
  • Weight plates and bars
  • Machine for seated calves
  • Parallel bars for dips
  • Chin-up bar

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It will be easy to find the equipment you need to build a home gym. It is not difficult to find the equipment you need, but it can be costly to make your home gym.

Optimal Diet Options Recommend for The Adonis Golden Ratio Program.

Three general nutrition plans are available in the Adonis Golden Ratio system. They can be tailored to your goals, either for muscle building or fat loss.

These three guides provide three meal plans for 12 weeks specific to the calorie range in which you fall. Three meal plans will be available if you are on the Fat Loss track: one for the 1800-2200 calorie range, one for the 2200-2500 range, and one for the 2400-2700 calorie range. There is no need to guess what you should eat. 

You’ll find the complete grocery list for each week when you open each meal plan.

Each week is broken down into individual meals. Each meal is broken down so you know how many calories it contains and how many servings of carbs, proteins, and fats it will contain.Recipes are also present in each meal.

A substitution list will be provided for each protein, carb, or fat serving. John Barban, a 7-minute video tutorial, walks you through how to read and use the substitutions. He will guarantee that you’ll be able to pick your favorite meals and make them work for yourself.

These meals are made from whole foods. There will be plenty of vegetables and fruits, as well as healthy fats. 

You can use processed foods at your discretion.

John Barban recommends that you eat out as much as you can. He acknowledges that eating out for work and pleasure is essential for building relationships

Pros & Cons

  • The program is easy to follow and focuses on building muscle and body etching
  • The right combination of support and exercise is key to building muscle and losing fat.
  • You can watch 78 tips and tricks videos to get the best edge and muscle gains.
  • 60-day absolute guarantee.
  • There are endless Adonis upgrades.
  • This program is not suitable for women.
  • Accepts additional supplements to these lines of advancing expenses
adonis golden ratio reviews

Do You Need Supplements for Adonis Golden Ratio Program?

Adonis Golden Ratio recommends taking two to three supplements depending on the 12-week program you select.

V Taper Solution – This supplement was designed by John Barban and will naturally increase your testosterone levels. Testosterone is a natural hormone that can increase muscle strength and speed up recovery. You will experience better quality sleep, balance hormones, and less risk of overtraining.

Pre-workout Your workout demands your full attention and effort. You won’t achieve your goals if you do a half-hearted exercise at the gym. Pre-workout drinks that contain nootropics such as caffeine have improved mental alertness. These nootropics can also increase your endurance and blood flow, which will help you stay longer during your workout.

The 12-week Muscle Gain program includes creatine. You can take creatinine in capsule or powder form. Creatine is an excellent supplement to build muscle mass. Creatine works by drawing water into cells, increasing strength and endurance. This will allow you to lift heavier weights for more extended periods without feeling tired.

A well-hydrated cell can grow faster than a poorly hydrated one. It is common for your weight to rise when you start taking creatine. This is because your cells are more water-rich.

The Adonis Golden Ratio Program-Workout Phases

The video on Adonis Golden Ratio’s sales page will show you that the AGR system has four phases. This does not refer only to the four phases of workouts or the three programs (muscle building or fat loss) that are part of the AGR system.

The four phases of AGR refer to :

  • Firstly, tailored nutrition
  • Secondly, a personal workout program
  • Thirdly, community support
  • Finally, mobile customization.

There will be no different training phases for each of the three Adonis Golden Ratio program programs. Three distinct 12-week programs offer three nutrition plans. Each plan addresses one of the three goals of Adonis Golden Ratio: fat loss, muscle building, or a combination of both.

Let’s look at each training program separately, then take a closer look into the nutrition plans.

Muscle Gain Program

To summarize, the AGR muscle growth program includes a five-day a week training program. You will train different body parts with other sets, reps, and rest periods for the first five weeks.

These sets, reps, rest periods, and rest periods will change from weeks 6-8. Some exercises and the sets, along with the agents, change in week 9. The activities are essentially the same.

Fat Loss Focus

Firstly, You will be doing two full-body weight circuits per week for the first four weeks. Moreover, You’ll also be doing two-body split workouts each week. Each course has five sets of three weighted or bodyweight exercises to help you lose fat quickly. Each of the other activities contains 7 to 9 routines.

Secondly, You will do more body split workouts from week 5 to week 12. One full-body activity is done per week, followed by three sessions emphasizing the upper, lower, or both arms.

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Muscle Building & Fat Loss Combined

The combined muscle building and fat loss program’s weeks one through four, seven to eight, and seven to eight consist of weight lifting routines. Firstly,  Four workouts per week will focus on your biceps, shoulders, chest, legs, triceps, and chest.

Secondly, Three workouts per week are present in weeks five, six, and eleven. Each activity contains four to six exercises in pyramids or reverses pyramids.

Nutrition Programs

Each subprogram in the Adonis Golden Ratio program has its nutrition guidelines. This will help you eat well to eat the same way for as long as you want.

All three programs will teach you the seven core principles of long-term healthy eating. Furthermore, These principles will help support your body’s transformation. You can almost guarantee a change in your body by following these core principles.

AGR offers a unique perspective on calories and social eating events. AGR believes that it is better to track your weekly caloric intake than focus on your daily caloric count. They also recognize the importance of food as a bonding factor for social events. They will also show you how to incorporate social events into your diet.

In the Fat Loss Program, the nutrition manual explains the reverse taper diet. John Barban, the author, explains why you should begin in a calorie deficit, then gradually transition to a high-calorie maintenance place once you achieve your goals.


Throughout the program, the dosage of testosterone boosters will change. The program will gradually increase the number of testosterone boosters, and then you’ll taper off.

However, It contains caffeine and other nootropics, which can cause side effects in some people. Therefore,  you must gradually increase the pre-workout supplement over time. Your Creatine intake will depend on how much you exercise that day.

adonis golden ratio system review

Pricing for Adonis Golden Ratio

The 12-week Adonis Golden Ratio is only USD 37. It includes not just one but three 12-week programs you can customize to your needs.

Moreover, you get a 100% refund guarantee with the Adonis Golden Ratio. Furthermore, You have 60 days to return any programs if you are unhappy with the results.

You can get a complete refund by the following means :

  1. Firstly, emailing the Adonis Golden Ratio support team
  2. Secondly, calling their toll-free number
  3. Thirdly, going through ClickBank, an online financial retailer.

The AGR program has a meager refund rate. If you are a man willing to improve his appearance, check out the Adonis Golden Ratio today.

Adonis Golden Ratio – Final Verdict :

The 12-week Adonis Golden Ratio is only USD 37. It includes not just one but three 12-week programs you can customize to your needs.

One of the AGR systems will help you achieve the body you desire, whether you want to gain muscle mass or lose significant belly fat.

The “7 days out” bonus is also present in the AGR program. It transforms you into a prime visual shape for special events in just seven days!

The Adonis Golden Ratio does not solely focus on fitness. However, it is a comprehensive program. We love the focus on healthy eating and living a healthy lifestyle. John Barban’s advice on dieting is worth reading, even if you don’t decide to go for Fat Loss.

The program should talk more about how to incorporate other activities into it. How would it impact your results if you loved running? It wouldn’t, would it? It doesn’t contain any cardio, so it could mean that increasing your cardio might increase your appetite levels. But then, what should you eat?

John Barban, the creator of the Adonis Golden Ratio, is what impresses us most about it.

This man has a lot to offer regarding fitness, healthy eating, and fat loss. John enjoys examining long-held beliefs and sometimes even ripping them apart.

Grab your Adonis Gold Ratio system if you want to make waves at the beach. Even though it’s fall in the United States, you can still benefit from the principles of this program, even if you don’t live with your friends.

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