Do Air Fryers Cause Cancer?

Everybody is more conscious about what they eat and how it affects them. Cancer is one of the most fearful words. It’s essential to find ways to live longer and make your life easier.

Why do people ask: do air fryers cause cancer?

Acrylamide is a naturally occurring substance that forms when you heat starchy vegetables for a longer time than necessary.

Acrylamide injections into laboratory rats revealed that it caused cancerous growths.

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People began to believe that potatoes and bread caused cancer.

If you use a traditional deep fat fryer and cook at high temperatures, you could create additional Acrylamide and increase your risk of developing cancer.

Air fryers allow you to cook for less time and at a lower temperature.

An air fryer allows you to pre-set the cooking times so that the food does not take too long.

  • You use 80%+ less fat.
  • Faster and more evenly cooked food
  • It is possible to ensure that the food doesn’t burn or overcook.
does the air fryer cause cancer

What can you do to reduce Acrylamide exposure?

Acrylamide is present in many foods and beverages.

The most important tip for cooking food is not to overcook it.

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Also, aim for golden brown and not dark brown.

  • You have no more burned toast.
  • There are no more overcooked jacket potatoes in the oven.
  • No more deep-fried chips. They are “well done.”
  • Avoid keeping potatoes in the refrigerator as it can increase sugar levels and cause higher cooking temperatures, which will result in a more excellent production of Acrylamide.

Air fries are healthier and have less Acrylamide.

You are at a greater risk of being exposed if you cook food for longer than recommended. Acrylamide production can be controlled by the Air fryer’s ability to “overcook” food.

air fryer ninja

Summary on the Cancer Risks of Using an Air Fryer

It is not good to cook food at high temperatures for extended periods (aiming for well-done or burned results). Follow the manufacturer’s recommended cooking times. When cooking, aim for golden brown or “lightly done.”

Air fryers are far more healthy than deep frying. Acrylamide production can be controlled by the Air fryer’s ability to not “overcook” food.

Five Mistakes in Air Fryers that Could Cause Cancer

You can take these precautionary steps to avoid an air fryer’s possible cancer-causing or carcinogenic effects.

1. Your Air fryer should not be set at very high temperatures

Always keep the temperature below 180 degrees. High temperatures can cause a chemical reaction between starches and amino acids, leading to harmful byproducts in nature that may be carcinogenic.

2. Avoid using your Air Fryer too often

It would be best not to use Air fryers more than three times per month. It is best to use your air fryer two times per month unless further research is available.

power xl air fryer

3. Soak Your Potatoes Well

This tip is handy when making french fries or potatoes. Soaking potatoes can help to remove a lot of starch. This starch’s sugar is responsible for the formation of Acrylamide, but it can be reduced.

4. Avoid air-frying vegetables

Air frying can cause vegetables to lose their nutrients. It is better not to air fry vegetables.

5. Avoid air-frying processed foods

Preservatives are added to processed foods. Reheating them in an oven can cause oily residues, which is terrible for your health. Trans fat is a byproduct.

6. Create a timer

You should set Air-fryers to a specific timer so food is not heated beyond the time limit.

Best Air Fryers In Town

Ninja Air Fryer Max XL

ninja air fryer

Less fat:

Air frying is up to 75% more fat-free than traditional methods. *Tested against deep-fried French fries, hand-cut.

MAX CRISP Technology:

Provides 450° of superheated air to heat foods to 30% faster (Versus Ninja A100). This allows crispier, hotter results and little oil to make healthy fried foods.

XL capacity:

The 5.5 QT ceramic coated, nonstick basket and crispy plate can hold three pounds of French fries.


Includes seven versatile cooking programs: Max Crisp, Air Fry, Air Roast, Air Broil, Bake, Reheat & Dehydrate.

Easy cleaning

 The ceramic basket can be washed in a dishwasher or nonstick sprayer.


Max XL Air Fryer, 5.5 qt. Nonstick Basket and Chef-Inspired 20 Recipe Books.

Ninja Air Fryer Review- Most Powerful Air Fryer:

The Ninja was the best air fryer for chicken wings when we first tested. This is still true. However, we discovered that the Ninja also cooked other foods well during our latest air fryer testing. It landed at the top of our updated list. The Ninja was our most powerful and efficient air fryer, frying chicken wings to crisp perfection the fastest. This is great as it lets you get the desired crispy outer layer quicker and has less chance of drying out your chicken wings, French fries, or other food you make.

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The Ninja Air Fryer Max XL will not disappoint if you love fries. In just 10 minutes, frozen French fries were delicious and golden brown in both testing rounds.

The Ninja does not have a specific cooking method for vegetables. Hence, it requires more attention when air-frying certain foods.

The controls of the Ninja are also straightforward to use, unlike other air fryer interfaces. The Ninja has only four buttons for controlling the cook modes — roast, air fry, reheat, and dehydrate — and simple buttons to adjust the temperature and the time.

It’s all there is. The Ninja has a solid, simple build that feels like high-grade plastic. The base is stable, and the basket fits into it without wobble.

Power XL Microwave Air Fryer Review:


powerxl air fryer grill reviews

The 7-in-1 PowerXL Grill Air Fryer Grill is the #1-selling brand in America.
It’s an innovative, versatile indoor grill and hot air fryer, and it allows you to enjoy your favorite char-grilled dishes and crispier, more golden air frying without adding fats or oil.

Grill indoors with a Crisp

Rapid Air Crisp Technology allows you to grill your favorite juicy BBQ dishes without sticking to a nonstick grill plate. Your food will stay tender inside, while the outside will be crisp and attractive.

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Air Fry with as Few as 70% Fewer Calories From Fat

The mesh crisper tray cooks your favorite dishes with the perfect texture and taste without the need to use a lot of oil. Superheated air circulation circulates hot air around your food for the perfect crisp and crunch.

8 Cooking Presets

You can choose how to cook your food with just one button: grill, oven, broiler, bake, pizza, or toast/bagel. You can adjust the temperature and time as per your needs.

Four Cooking Levels: Entire Meals

You can create whole meals using two different cooking methods at once. You can grill juicy ribs and crispy green beans or make different kinds of golden-fried foods like French fries or chicken wings.

Dishwasher-safe Parts Keep Your Kitchen Clean

You can create whole meals using two different cooking methods at once. You can grill juicy ribs and crispy green beans or make different kinds of golden-fried foods like French fries or chicken wings.

Can the Power XL Air Fryer Grill make whole chickens?

Yes! Yes!

What is in the Air Fryer Grill?

PowerXL Air Fryer Grill comes with a grill plate, a crisper tray, a drip tray, and an instruction manual.


The 6 Qt. PowerXL Air Fryer can be used to oven-air fry rotisserie, making delicious savory chicken, pork roasts, and tender turkey breasts. The dehydrator is responsible for drying healthy vegetables, fruits, herbs, and other items.

Rapid AEROL technology:

The PowerXL Air Fryer uses Rapid Air Technology to quickly fry your food in turbo cyclonic air. This allows you to get a healthier version with the same crispy fried texture and taste.

7-IN-1 multi-cooker:

This superheated turbo-cyclonic air surrounds food with crisp 360deg air circulation. It can replace deep fryers and rotisserie and oven toasters, convection ovens, oven toasters, pizza grills, and dehydrators. The 1700-watt range can even hold a 4-pound chicken!


The Power Air XL fryer produces 70% fewer calories from fat than deep-fried food. Multi-cooker, the Power XL Air Fryer PRO, offers delicious, crispy, healthy, oil-free air-frying benefits.


8 digital preset programs with one-touch digital control allow you to roast, bake, steam and saute or grill. This digital timer features an automatic shutoff and a manual temperature programming option.

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