BiOptimizers A detailed Review of Health Supplement

BiOptimizers is led by Wade Lightheart and Matt Gallant, CEO of the dietary supplement company. He has teamed up with a team that includes top scientists in his field, including Chinese herbalists and top enzyme specialists, and the world’s most respected formulators, The world’s best plant extractor. These full team members have a wide range of teams that support the company’s operations, marketing, and research. They show pride in their work by displaying their confidence in their group.

Their mission is to help their clients move from a diseased state to one that is biologically healthier. They believe that everyone can achieve a state of harmony in their bodies.

Their constant desire to help others drives them to donate a bottle of each ten-bottle product sold to someone who isn’t physically fit. He is also an Anti-Cancer Institute volunteer.


Bioptimizers History

BiOptimizers, founded by Wade Lightheart and Matt Gallant in 2004. Wade and Matt met at the gym and became close friends. Both had a background in personal training and shared a desire to help people be their best selves. Wade’s sister lost her battle against cancer. Matt, his best friend, lost about 200 pounds within a year. Together, they formed a company to improve people’s overall well-being and health.

With that in mind, Wade and Matt started selling enzymes and plant-based proteins to their customers in 2004. Their humble beginnings have made them one of the leading online supplement brands.

What are BioOptimizers, and How do they work?

BiOptimizers focuses on creating high-performance, healthy dietary supplements from within. Biopatimizers help people become biologically better through their three-step process of integration. Nitrification is the first step. The second step is biological optimization.

According to the official company website, BiOptimizers’ innovative team has developed a blueprint. Here are the steps they took to achieve their strategy


Supplements for Bio-optimizers:

All supplements in the biOptimizers line-up must follow strict guidelines to ensure high quality. All are made in the USA and FDA approved. You can rest assured that your products and contents have been thoroughly tested to ensure superior quality.

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Most supplements and bundles are more expensive than comparable products on the market. This is something BiOptimizers does not want to do, which is refreshing. Their prices are transparent, and they own them. They are between 200% and 400% more expensive than the average price on the market. They believe that a product that doesn’t work is more costly than one that works. They claim that they strictly adhere to the formulations of their products and use maximum effective doses to achieve results. It is essential to think about the price, as not everyone will afford their premium products.

Subscribe to any individual supplements to save as much as 10% – this applies to all accessories on Biopatimizers. Although it’s not much, if you are a regular user, you could save a few bucks on each bottle.

Blood Sugar Breakthrough:

Magnesium Breakthrough

The purpose of blood glucose was to control all aspects of blood sugar. It can raise blood sugar levels in muscle rather than fat, improve athletic performance and carbohydrate metabolism and promote balance in the inflammatory response. This helps to regulate and stabilize the addition of.

This 100% natural product contains scientifically supported ingredients based on medically validated diets. It can help you overcome concerns about blood sugar. Its ability to lower oxidative stress in your body makes it an anti-aging product.

  • 1 Bottle Blood sugar Breakthrough: $ 69.00


KApex is explicitly designed for ketogenic dieters. Many people suffer from digestive problems during the transition to keto. This supplement helps in the metabolism of fat and energy. It enables you to digest fats and proteins and reduces fatigue after the initial keto-adaptation.

It helps support digestion in low-carbohydrate situations. The entire spectrum of digestive enzymes can break down proteins and metabolize excess calories. KApex has a positive effect on stress levels, making it easier and more enjoyable to be in ketosis.

  • 1 bottle KApex: $75.00

Magnesium Breakthrough:

This exclusive blend of all seven types of magnesium improves your body’s overall well-being. Magnesium breakthrough can improve your sleep, reduce stress and build strong bones. It also maintains a healthy heartbeat, boosts your immunity, and helps to increase your energy levels.

The majority of us can only find one form of magnesium. But this product has all 7. Because it is a proprietary compound, we don’t know how much magnesium each capsule contains.

  • Magnesium Breakthrough – 1 bottle: $ 40.00

Herbal Parasite Guardian:

Herbal Parasite Guardian

Herbal Parasite Guardian contains a blend of herbs that contain digestive enzymes and parasite-fighting agents to rid your body of fungal infections, parasites, and viruses. This is the first product on this list not to have a proprietary blend. This means that each ingredient is listed on the label.

This supplement also includes slippery elm, which aids in fighting inflammation. It also helps to relieve itching. You can be sure that you have everything you need. The combination of herbs is also effective in fighting yeast and other harmful bacteria. To reap the benefits of this Herbal Parasite Guardian, you only need one serving. You can use it for three months because you have 90 capsules.

  • One bottle Herbal Parasite Guardian: $59.00



Cognibiotics is a mood-enhancing supplement created to support both a healthy stomach and a healthy mind. Cognibiotics are a nootropic substance that increases gut bacteria, mental clarity, learning, and concentration.

The brain and the intestinal tract are highly connected. They both have an impact on our bodies and communication. Brain symptoms, such as cerebral palsy and other brain problems, can be caused by gut problems. Cognbiotics have both vital and non-vital systems covered in one capsule. Specific probiotic compounds or prebiotic complexes work together with your gut flora to improve cognition.

  • One bottle of Cognbiotic is $ 69.00



Primergen V is a liquid multivitamin that contains vitamin B complex and folic acid-base for absorption. Because it is fluid, Primergen-V can more readily absorb vitamins into your body. It is also easier to swallow than a pill or capsule.

Seven drops per serving can help you produce energy, boost red blood cell count, improve immunity, protect your eyesight, and prevent any vitamin deficiency. The bottle has over 100 servings, which means you can keep it in your fridge for several months.

  • Primergen V 1 Bottle $ 29.00

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HCL Breakthrough:

HCL Breakthrough is both a full-spectrum and hydrochloride digestive enzyme supplement. It promotes healthy stomach acidity, absorbs nutrients, and supports healthy digestion. You may feel less bloated, gas, indigestion, pain after meals, or any other discomforts.

Gastric acid is necessary for activating enzymes to digest proteins. It triggers valve closure to prevent acid reflux (acid reflux) from returning to your esophagus and digestive system. You must ensure that the work is done correctly. This supplement can help to alleviate many symptoms of stomach acid deficiency. It will also give you a little more support.

  • HCL Breakthrough 1 Bottle: 29.00



PrimergenM, another fluoric base liquid, has proprietary blends of ionic materials to boost metabolism, regulate hormonal levels, increase energy, reduce brain fog, and aid cell growth.

This sounds like an excellent idea, but the product doesn’t provide much information. We do not know the total number of ingredients because this compound is proprietary. Bio-optimizers cannot provide any information on the “ionic materials” or the same components.

  • Primergen – M 1 Bottle $ 39.95

Herbal Power Flush:

Herbal Power Flush

Herbal Power Flush should be considered if you are experiencing constipation or feeling like it is time to clean out your pipes. The product contains ingredients that remove waste from the colon. This will make you feel more clean and tidy.

This 100% plant-based, the vegan-friendly formula uses only a xylem straw to provide primary fiber. It helps increase bowel movement and promote intestinal bacteria. Herbal Power Flush also contains digestive enzymes, which aid in maximum digestion. The herbal power flush has a mild laxative, which allows you to get rid of everything quickly without needing to go to the toilet every single day.

  • One bottle Herbal Power Flask: $ 49.00

Protein Breakthrough:

Protein Breakthrough

This plant-based protein shake will help you achieve your rehabilitation and gym goals. Protein breakthroughs are a delicious, healthy alternative to traditional meals. The product can be used as a protein shake or a food replacement, containing more than 200 calories per serving.

Protein Breakthrough is vegan, low carb and low glycemic, gluten-free, soy-free, and gluten-free. It also contains insoluble fiber, which supports healthy digestion. It has an impressive nutrition label, but you must only take two scoops per serving. This gives you 16 servings. You can also get it in chocolate happiness flavor. If you don’t like chocolate, this product will be discontinued.

  • One tub of protein breakthrough: $ 75.00



Digestive proteins help you absorb more nutrients from your food than fat, protein, and carbs. Masszymes uses a combination of proteases and 11 other enzymes to help your food break down better.

This will make it easier to absorb vitamins and amino acid-specific vitamins and improve digestion and intestinal function. It can also minimize anxiety and brain fog. After using this product, you might notice a reduction in your skin irritation and sensitivity to certain foods. Healthy guts lead to a healthier overall body. There are three servings of each capsule. That means that nine pills are needed if you have three meals per day. You can use the bottle three times a week for approximately one month.

  • MassZymes – 1 Bottle, $ 75.00

Gluten Guardian:

Gluten Guardian

Gluten Guardian is a digestive aid that helps to digest milk protein (casein) and gluten, two common irritants. This product is made with six plant-based proteolytic proteins that have been shown in studies to break down gluten. Three additional digestive enzymes are also included to help break up starch and sugar.

It is a proprietary compound, which can be added to liquids to improve amino acid and peptide absorption at cellular levels. Because of the ingredients, it must increase the number of nutrients being broken down and absorbed. You can get rid of gas, bloating, and indigestion by eating a high-carbohydrate meal.

  • One bottle Gluten Guardian: $ 59.00



P3-OM, a patented prebiotic and probiotic blend, contains Lactobacillus Plantarum OM. This formula aids in digestion and absorption improves digestion functions, regulates the growth of harmful bacteria, yeast, and viruses, and can assist with weight loss. You can also find other helpful information.

It strengthens your intestinal barrier and initiates healing by reintroducing healthy bacteria to aid digestion. FOS also includes BiOptimizers. These can cause serious health problems and should be carefully considered before purchasing.

  • One bottle of P3-OM is $ 75.00

Leaky Gut Guardian:

Leaky Gut Guardian

Leaky Gut Guardian is the final product on Bio Optimizers’ list. It is available in chocolate, carnivorous or vegetarian flavors and works to improve gut health. It is a mixture of egg-derived immunoglobulins, prebiotics, and probiotic strains.

Your intestines can close any holes caused by the egg’s immune globulins (IgY max). This allows them to heal faster and better absorb nutrients. The prebiotics and probiotics combination benefits your gut, such as reducing inflammation and gas, replacing unhealthy bacteria in your gut, and improving your immunity system.

One difference between the flavors is that the chocolate flavor contains bovine bones berth and bovine collagen. These ingredients are excellent for gut-enhancing benefits. However, if you are a vegetarian, you can choose vanilla since it does not contain these two ingredients. Both flavors are equally expensive.

  • One jar of Leakey Gut Guardian: $ 75.00

BiOptimizers Stacks:

BiOptimizers Stacks

BiOptimizers offer the possibility of buying many of their products together in bundles based on their work. This can help you save money if you purchase multiple supplements from the company. You will need to use a particular system, and many bundles can cost you a lot. You can still use the products you already use, but it is best to keep this in mind.

Bulletproof Gut Stack – $219.95:

Bulletproof Gut Stack

Leaky Gut Guardian Chocolate, Vanilla (1), Cognac biotics (1), or P3 -OM (1)

The bulletproof gut stack’s goal is to make sure your gut stays bulletproof for digestive purposes. These products will improve your mood and help you eliminate harmful bacteria. They all work together symbolically to create a comprehensive gut-boosting regime that gives you the best of all products. You can combine Vanilla Leakey Gut Guardian (or Chocolate Leaky Gut Guardian) with two supplements.

For this stack, there is no specific protocol. Therefore, it is essential to follow the labeled instructions when using supplements.

Bio Optimized Digestive Health Stack - $ 277.00:

Bio Optimized Digestive Health Stack

MassZymes (2), HCL Breakthrough (2), P3-OM (2)

BiOptimized Digestive Health Stack consists of two bottles MassZymes (two bottles of P3OM) and one bottle of HCL breakthrough. This stack can be used to get the best results. Take five MassZymes with three P3OM pills on an empty stomach. Breakthrough

Although this supplement is excellent for your digestive health, One should not take bio Optimized Digestive Health Stack more than 40 times daily. This can prove overwhelming for some people, especially if you take other supplements throughout the day. One can purchase this stack separately to save money. You can then take the accessories at your leisure.

Bulletproof/Keto/Paleo Stack – $147.00:

Bulletproof/Keto/Paleo Stack

P3-OM (1); kApex (1); HCL breakthrough (1)

Each bottle of bulletproof/keto/paleo stack includes one bottle. Scientists created this stack to increase keto, low-carb, and paleo digestion and increase energy. It also speeds up fat loss. On the product page, it is recommended to take 3-6 kApex capsules upon waking up, followed by 1-2 additional KApex, 2 PP3-OM, and 1 HCL breakthrough at each meal.

Avoid kApex after five o’clock in the morning to ensure you are not disturbed at night.

Muscle Building Stack – $277.00:

Muscle Building Stack

MassZymes (3). HCL breakthrough (1).

The file-building stack is nearly identical to the digestive health stack. There is only one difference: you get another MassZymes along with a lower amount of P3OOM and HCL breakthrough. You’ll notice a marked difference in the protocol as described here. 5-10 MassZyme, 3 P3–OM, and 2-4 HCL breakthroughs are recommended for muscle-building purposes, depending on how many calories each meal contains.

If you are looking for high-calorie meals, the top of this range is ideal. You’ll need to take a lot more capsules every day so keep this in mind as you look at the stack.

Vacation and Cheat Day Stack – $147.00:

Vacation and Cheat Day Stack

Gluten Guardian (1). HCL Breakthrough (1). P3-OM(1)

Vacation and Cheating Day is a stack that helps with digestion. It can be used to cheat on meals or travels, as well as help you eat fewer calories. For this stack, you should take five capsules of Gluten Guardian and 3 of P3–OM along with 3 HCL breakthroughs.


90 Day Total Gut Cleanse Stack – $977.00 (or $377/1 month for three months):

90 Day Total Gut Cleanse Stack

Herbal Power Flush (1), Herbal Pride Guardian (3), MassZymes (6), P3-OM (6), Leaky Gut Guardian Vanilla (3)

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The Total Gut Cleanse Stack is designed to remove any harmful bacteria or parasites that have been lingering in your gut for a long time. The stack is expensive but comes with a 90-day detox guide. This will help you to know what to do and how best to improve your experience. The same stack is available with a three-month payment plan if you cannot promise a $ 977 lump sum payment.


Bioptimized Brain Stack – $186.95:

Bioptimized Brain Stack

kApex (1), Cognbiotics (1), Primergen-V (1), Primergen-M

The purpose of a brain stack patch is to make sure you get better brain functions, energy, and the ability to use them effectively. Take 4-6 capsules (Kapex), two capsules (Cognbiotics), and seven drops (Primergen-V or M) to keep you energized throughout the day. Additionally, you should take seven drops of Primergens-V and M up to three times per day.

Bioptimized Nervous System Stack – $164.95:

Magnesium breakthrough (1). kApex (1). Primergen-V (1). Primergen-M (1).

The nervous system stack is the last pile. It was created to provide extra help for your nervous system and improve your sleep quality. This stack has a slightly different protocol than the others. You will take 3-5 kApex capsules and two magnesium breakthroughs when you get up in the morning. Seven drops of Primergen V, seven primergen MK7, and seven drops of Primergen V. Its half-time – 1-2kApex, 2 mg, and the exact primer dosage (7 and 7). You will then inject seven drops more of primer V or M. Finally, 60 to 90 minutes before you go to bed, you’ll take two magnesium.

Wow! You might want to skip this bundle if you forget to take your supplements throughout the day.

BiOptimzers Reviews: What Are Users Saying?

BiOptimizers reviews show that these supplements have been well-received by customers. There aren’t many reviews. However, all products have been rated above four stars.

You should remember that they rarely post negative reviews on any company’s site. While they might include average ratings, it doesn’t look like they handpick every five-star rating. You won’t often see a rating lower than a 4-star. Amazon has some of their most well-known products, so we looked here to see any diversity in the reviews.

The results of any supplement will differ from one person to another because each person has their own body, nutrition, different goals, and different needs. You will always find people who didn’t like the supplement or did not like it. Look for reviews that include the majority of users. This will give you the most authentic picture of the appendix.

  • Overall, Amazon reviews were positive - 4.5 stars or more.
  • High protocol products are manufactured with high safety and health standards (FDA and GMP, CMO).
  • The company partners with charities and those in need.
  • Subscribe to receive a discount for recurring customers
  • Amazon has a few products you can purchase.
  • 365 days money-back guarantee
  • Similar products are more expensive than brands.
  • The company selects the definitions for its website.
  • Supplements are almost always made up of a proprietary mix, which does not necessarily contain the exact amount of each ingredient.
  • Amazon received negative feedback about the results, side effects not desired (headaches), and the difficulty of returning the product via Amazon.
  • Online Customer Service Chat was not available - you had to leave a message.
  • Some supplements may not be suitable for this serving size.

Doctors, scientists, and healthcare leaders who are passionate about bio-optimizers:

Many bodybuilders find it easy to transition from bodybuilding and bio-hacking. They are already trying out many different things, so it’s a natural step for them. Today on the fantastic health podcast, our guest is sure to agree. Roger Snipes, a fitness coach and competitor in bodybuilding, is known as one of the most respected biohackers in the UK. Roger Snipes will take you from bodybuilding to biohacking.

He won a world title when he realized that he wasn’t concerned about being back on the stage. He thought to take some time off from competition training to discover what lay ahead.

He was interested in DEXA scans because he hadn’t measured or tested his body fat. He was also interested in DNA testing to determine which exercise was the best for him based on his genetics. These discoveries and experiments eventually led him to bio-hacking.

BiOptimizers Money-Back Policy:

BiOptimizers offers a 365-day money-back guarantee for all orders placed through its website. For a full refund, if you’ve to purchase more than one bottle, you will need to return all of them, except the one that has been opened.

All information regarding returns is clearly listed on the BiOptimizers website, under the Refund Policy.

BiOptimizers Composition

BiOptimizers are made from natural ingredients. Most of the supplements provide a lot more information that explains some of the science behind the products. Many elements contain proprietary compounds or other compounds. This may not be a problem, but it raises how much each component is available per capsule. It also depends on whether you have transparency in the labels. You are looking for a supplement.

You want to ensure that your money is being invested in the right supplement. Bio-optimizers can be transparent about this, but it doesn’t change that their products tend to be the most expensive. It is great to be open and transparent. They also state that their capsules are made with superior ingredients and scientific research. However, not all supplement companies can make this claim. This is terrible news for those who wish to test your product.

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To maximize their utility and your usage, you can purchase a bundle or stack. This premium price is why stacks are so expensive. Also, for some protocols, 40 capsules per day is a lot. This protocol also suggests the best way to use the product. This is not to say that you shouldn’t already have a lot of capsules in your daily routine, regardless of whether you take other supplements or eat healthily.

BiOptimizers offers a variety of discounts when you shop on their website. Subscribe to the supplement to save 10% on your purchase. This is lower than other supplements. Free shipping is available for orders above $90 (US). You can receive his book, “From Sick To Superhuman: The Biological Optimization Blueprint,” for free if you spend more than $150. If you order 400 or more, they will give you a bonus gift.

BiOptimizer's Conclusion:

With the help of their team of scientists and Matt Gallant, BiOptimizers are steadily climbing the ladder to the next level. Their goal is to help customers achieve biological improvement by providing supplements. By using the best supplement formulations, they ensure safety and security for customers. BiOptimizers products include everything you need to improve your gut health and performance with protein shakes.

Although every supplement company has its own scientific and mind-blowing reviews, we took on the responsibility of determining if the Bio Optimizers products were worth the money, it’s worth it (and, in this instance, a lot).

BiOptimizers Final Statement:

BiOptimizers’ holistic business model and mission are to improve the physical health of their clients through their use of supplements, in combination with a healthy lifestyle. A number of their customers are happy with their product. They also swear by their results which is always pleasing to read. Although the bio-optimizer might be an attractive option, it is expensive and has proprietary compounds.

Overall, the product has been well researched and appears to deliver the best results. The product is expensive, but they provide a money-back guarantee for 365 days. If you are unhappy with the results, you can return them within that time.

Affiliate Disclosure:

This product review contains affiliate links. If you decide to purchase the above-described products here, you will pay a small commission without applying any extra charges to you. This is the support of our research and editorial team. Please know that we only recommend high-quality products.


These guidelines and recommendations are not meant to replace the professional advice of a licensed physician. Before you make any purchase decision, be sure to consult your licensed physician if there are questions or medication. These statements might not be accurate in predicting individual results. FDA-approved clinical trials have not validated the safety and efficacy of these drugs. These products cannot be used to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any disease.


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