How To Smell Good On A Date Night?

So, you have a date, and you want that ultimate weapon that can win the game of first impressions? The simple answer is ‘perfume.’

When you smell good, that innate confidence is everything you need to make the best first impression.

Smelling Good Is Essential

Smelling delicious is fundamental when you are going on a date. Did you know that a man or woman is more likely to be attracted to you when you smell nice? Plus, it is a great agent if you want to make them miss you more than usual. Maybe even a call for a second date.

So, how can you ensure that you smell good and it even lasts long? You have reached the right place; in this excerpt below, we will be discussing the fundamental aromas and tricks to smell good. You can check out deodorants which instantly attract your partner’s attention on a date night.

1. Choose The Right Scent

The right scent can make a difference. There are some perfumes and cologne which can immediately attract the sinuses. For men, any cologne with a citrus or woody undertone can bring out the classy energy.

For a woman, nothing shouts more elegance than perfumes with undertones of rose, jasmine, and eucalyptus. Or, you can try out old spices like Vanilla and cinnamon. These are not just subtly attractive but are long-lasting.

2. Apply On Right Pulse Points

If you do not apply it to the right pulse point, then there is no point in applying it. Your date partner should b able to bask in the aroma every time they do something intimate. For example, you are at the table, and he reaches to touch your hand or hugs you at the end of the date.

Some of the right pulse points which can help you get the most out of your aroma are.

  • Wrist.
  • Collarbone.
  • Neck.

Do not forget the deo sticks under your arms as well. You can sprint a little bit of perfume on your clothes as well.

3. Clean Well Before Applying

Your perfume wouldn’t stick to your skin well if it is mixed with your other body odor. This is why you need to thoroughly clean yourself first before you apply the last sprint of perfume. So, before you go on a date, it doesn’t matter if you were not doing anything; you should be cleaning yourself. However, you should avoid shampoos or soaps which are very strongly scented, and they can mix with perfume.

There shouldn’t be any mixing or matching when it comes to perfume because that can damage the actual aroma of the product.

4. Have Complimentary Scents

Now that we are talking about cleaning and how you should have a clean canvas before applying any aroma, it is time to understand the other scent you should be using. You can use a neutral deodorant with no aroma (something just to block the sweat). Or, you can try out complimentary scents.

For example, when you are using a perfume with a citrus undertone, try a soap moisturizer that either has a citrus, fruity or oaky scent. If not a few neutrals with a subtle scent, something that can be covered with the help of the perfume.

5. Ask Them About Their Favorite Aroma

This is a good question you can ask your partner. You do not have to make it obvious that you are trying to impress them by applying their favorite aroma, but you can always subtly throw this question.

You can ask questions like,

  • What kind of scent calms you down?
  • What kind do you find sexy?
  • What aroma do you find sexy?

&, if they say pumpkin pie, you should know the next scent you will be picking up. This will spice up the date when they will realize you made an effort to smell nice for them.

Carry Perfume With You!

No matter how long-lasting your perfume is, your own biological processes can’t be too trustworthy. If you are someone who generally sweats more, the stress and anticipation of a date can make you sweat more.


Therefore, it is better to carry perfume with you so that your partner doesn’t miss out on your delicious aroma.

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