Nervogen Pro Reviews Side Effects Complaints and Benefits

Nervogen Pro is a nutritional product that claims to support nerves.Two capsules of Nervogen Pro daily, provide your body with the essential vitamins, minerals purportedly, and nutrients it requires to perform its vital functions.

However, questions like Is Nervogen Pro effective? Is Nervogen Pro worth the cost? Must be revolving around your mind as well. Thus,This Nervogen Pro review will give you a detail about idea about this fantastic supplement.

What Tips Are There To Improve Nerve Support?

According to the official website, these are some tips from the creator that will help you increase nerve support.


This is a great way to support nerves, blood sugar levels, and normal body functions.

Stop smoking 

Smoking can cause health problems such as damage to blood vessels. It is better to quit smoking.

Maintain a healthy blood sugar level

This will help support normal nerve function.

Foot care

Avoid foot injuries. Wear comfortable shoes.

Vitamin intake 

Vitamins and minerals may support nerve health. Talk to your doctor about including vitamin B-complex and Vitamin E in your diet.

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What Is Nervogen Pro?

Nervogen Pro is a nervous system supplement that claims to maintain healthy nerve function throughout your body.

Five ingredients in the supplement support nerve health: passionflower, corydalis (prickly pear), corydalis (corydalis), and poppy extract.

To maintain healthy nerve function in your brain and throughout the body, you should take two capsules of Nervogen Pro daily.

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Nervogen Pro targets adults who wish to regain their cognitive abilities. Hence, older adults who have experienced mental decline symptoms such as brain fog or weak memory are the desirable market for Nervogen Pro. 

People with impaired nerve function, such as diabetes, looking for relief from their diabetic neuropathy are also a target of Nervogen Pro.

Many supplements claim similar effects online, but most don’t work. Some of these supplements are scams. So, Is Nervogen Pro able to supercharge your nervous system, or is it just another exciting ineffective supplement? Come, Let’s have a closer look at Nervogen Pro.

How Does Nervogen Pro Work?

Nervogen Pro contains just five ingredients to boost your nervous system.

Supplements can contain dozens of ingredients in moderate dosages. Others use small amounts of ingredients in large doses. Nervogen Pro uses an odd combination of small amounts and a limited number of ingredients.

Nervogen Pro contains less than 500mg total formula per two capsules. That’s approximately 45mg to 140mg each ingredient. While it is possible that the listed ingredients may support nerve function in higher doses than they do now, there is little evidence that they can support cognition in this low dosage.

Nervogen Pro’s goal is to provide your body with the herbs, plants, and other ingredients that it needs to support nerve health.

Your brain connects to your nerves through signals sent by your nerves. Thus,if your nerves don’t get the support they require it will have a  direct impact on your brain health and well-being. Nervogen Pro uses herbal extracts to improve the health of nerves. This will help you to enjoy better health and well-being.

Nervogen Pro Features & Benefits

Nervogen Pro’s makers provide little information on how Nervogen Pro works and what the ingredients do for your body. They also don’t give any indication of what benefits you can expect from this formula.

Although the company suggests Nervogen Pro can be used to support cognition and nerve health, there isn’t much information about how NervogenPro works or what it does.

Nervogen Pro is used to treat symptoms of diabetic neuropathy, also known as ‘pins and Needles.’ Nervogen Pro is also used to improve cognition and brain function.

The supplement appears to offer the following benefits and features based on vague clues from the Nervogen Pro sales page:

  • This formula was created by a 25+ year industry veteran medicinal chemist.
  • This product is made from natural herbs and plants.
  • Simple, powerful formula
  • Promote overall health
  • You can support the normal functioning of your nerves, which will help you to support your overall health and well-being.
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Nervogen Pro- Ingredients

Nervogen Pro includes five ingredients, including herbal and plant extracts. Although we are given a dose for each ingredient in Nervogen Pro, the company does not provide any information.

Below given is the complete list of ingredients:

  • Passionflower – 145mg
  • 110mg marshmallow root
  • 100mg corydalis
  • 50mg prickly pear
  • 45mg California poppy seed

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All ingredients are packed in a vegetable capsule made of hypromellose. As a filler, binder, and preservative, the capsule also contains magnesium stearate.

Passiflora Incarnata 

According to science, it improves your sleep quality without you even realizing it. Secondly, it works by relieving pain and treating ear ringing, ache, and other symptoms. Thirdly, it is good for your liver health and relieves pain. Finally, it has been shown to treat neuropathy in as little as one week, which is insane!

Corydalis Yahusuo

 This ingredient has been shown to have remarkable analgesic as well as antispasmodic qualities that significantly reduce pain. It is able to rapidly reduce pain by assisting the central nervous system. It can also reduce inflammation and boost your immune system, making it possible to fight off any future attacks.

California poppy seed

 It is a powerful remedy that helps people sleep deeper and more peacefully, without any anxiety or aches. It promotes relaxation and reduces the urge to urinate.

Prickly Pear

This helps to maintain blood sugar levels and decreases neuropathy-causing diabetes. This ingredient is believed to have anti-inflammatory qualities that lower bad cholesterol and reduce neuropathic pain. Furthermore, It is rich in antioxidants, which help to flush out any harmful stimulants or toxicants from your body that could cause damage. Prickly pear has a number of great functions. It helps nerve cells open up improves brain function and blood circulation.

Marshmallow root

This herb helps to reduce skin inflammation. It also treats burns, insect bites, and wounds. Moreover, It controls diabetes and pain. Along with this, it promotes blood flow and improves your breathing.

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How Does Science Support Nervogen Pro?

Nervogen Pro has not been subject to clinical trials that show it improves cognition, memory, or other brain areas. However, Kevin Miller claims that he did “a lot” of testing to discover the perfect formula. Passionflower is the main ingredient present in Nervogen Pro. It treats anxiety, insomnia, pain, and other conditions.

Research has shown passionflower may increase brain GABA levels that help you relax. GABA is associated with relaxation and focus. In 2006, a study showed that passionflower extract improved memory, stress reduction, and neurotransmission. The study was only done on rats and not on humans. The rats received a significantly higher dose of Nervogen Pro than the one given to them. The daily dose was between 30 to 300 mg/kg body weight, hundreds of times higher than Nervogen Pro. However, much evidence is not present supporting the link between passionflower extracts and memory improvements; large-scale evidence has been shown in humans. Some evidence suggests that passionflower may offer mild relief from nerve pain.

Corydalis is present in the supplement:

Furthermore, Corydalis is present in supplements for health. Corydalis extract has antinociceptive properties, which may help reduce pain and inflammation. Corydalis may affect dopamine receptors. But, Corydalis research was done on mice and not on humans. Nervogen Pro corydalis dosage is much lower than previously reported. Many naturopaths recommend marshmallow roots to improve cognition and nerve function, one of the most popular ingredients in Nervogen Pro. Researchers used fish marshmallow extract in the 2017 review and observed improvements in cognition. The dose of Nervogen Pro was hundreds of times higher than the recommended dosage. However,it is not clear that Nervogen Pro’s ingredients affect cognition and nerve function. While some items may have limited scientific support, it isn’t clear that Nervogen Pro affects brain or nerve function.

Nervogen Pro-Pros & Cons

  • It promotes restful sleep and relaxation.
  • Anyone can use it regardless of gender, age or severity.
  • It is possible to save money on costly treatments, medications, or therapies.
  • No side effects have been reported.
  • This helps to prevent all painful neuropathic symptoms.
  • This may help improve your hearing, focus, and bones.
  • It's simple to use, efficient, and affordable.
  • You can return it within 60 days.
  • Available only at official website
  • Limited stock

Recommended Dosage of Nervogen Pro

You should take two capsules per day for 30 days. As a result, you will feel painless in a brief period. However, you can choose to continue the three-month or six-month dose if you have severe pain.

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Nervogen Pro Pricing

Nervogen Pro is $69 per bottle. However, the price drops to $59 per bottle or $49 per container when you order 3 or 6 bottles.

One bottle: $69 + free shipping to the USA

Three bottles: $177 + free shipping to the USA

Six bottles: $294 + free shipping to the USA

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Nervogen Pro, which retails for $69 per bottle online, is one of the most expensive nootropic products. The company says it isn’t about making a profit, but they urge customers to compare the price of Nervogen Pro to that of a specialist in their area and the cost of the drugs prescribed to them. The makers promote Nervogen Pro as an alternative to prescription drugs or visiting a doctor.

Nervogen Pro Refund Policy

Nervogen Pro comes with a 60-day refund policy. No questions asked; you can get a full refund within 60 days of purchase.

You can return Nervogen Pro if it doesn’t improve nerve function in 60 days or if you are unhappy with its effects for any reason.


Who Created Nervogen Pro?

Kevin Miller, a 57-year-old medicinal chemist living near Boston, Massachusetts, is the manufacturer of Nervogen Pro.

Kevin works at one of America’s most prominent universities. For 25 years, he has been a medical chemist at this prestigious university. His extensive medical and chemistry experience created Nervogen Pro. He recommends taking Nervogen Pro daily to promote health and well-being.

The following is how you can reach Nervogen Pro’s makers:



The Final Word

To summarize, Nervogen Pro claims that the supplement supports nerve function in various ways. Nervogen Pro includes five herbal extracts that include traditional remedies and plants.

There is not much evidence to support Nervogen Pro’s ability to improve nerve function. Supplement ingredients have not been thoroughly studied in humans. Nervogen Pro contains low amounts of each component, making it less likely that Nervogen Pro will work as claimed.

However, you can still try Nervogen Pro if you like its idea and purchase it online at their official website. Furthermore, a 60-day refund policy covers all purchases.

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