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Neuro Sleep is an herbal dietary supplement designed to reduce the time taken to fall asleep. Also, It helps you stay asleep through the night. The product comes in three flavors, but the basic formula is the same. It claims to gently relax the body and help it drift off to sleep within 10-20 minutes.

It comes in a 14.5-ounce bottle. You must consume the beverage at least 30 minutes before bedtime. Once opened, you should keep the neuro sleep drink in the refrigerator.

Who Manufactures Neuro SLEEP?

The company that manufactured the product “Neuro” is reliable and has many effects.

Neuro does not seem to have a website, but you can still find products virtually everywhere on the internet. The sleep supplement promises to promote restful sleep and normalize your sleeping patterns.

It’s also a great source of natural ingredients and doesn’t appear to contain any harmful chemicals.

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How Does Neuro Sleep Work ?

The critical ingredient in Neuro Sleep is Melatonin. It is a natural hormone that the body produces when there is no light. It helps the body prepare for sleep. Furthermore, It is present in fruits and plants.

This ingredient can help you regulate your biological clock, allowing for more restful sleep.

This formula also includes amino acids such as L-theanine, which help relax the body and prepare it for sleep. You will also find many super-fruits, which can improve your overall health. Neuro Sleep drink is a liquid dietary supplement you can take as a beverage.

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Neuro Sleep – Ingredients

Ingredients in the product include:

  • Melatonin is a substance found in many different foods and plants to help regulate your sleep cycle.
  • L-Theanine– L-Theanine is a powerful amino acid often found in tea leaves. It can help you relax. L-theanine improves sleep quality by decreasing anxiety and encouraging relaxation.
  • Magnesium– Magnesium, a powerful electrolyte involved in over 300 reactions in our bodies, plays a vital role in our sleep.
  • 5-HTPThis naturally derived ingredient is going to aid in the segmentation and melatonin. According to a study, 5-HTP should not be administered with serotonin or dopamine amino acid precursors to reduce side effects, leading to neurotransmitter depletion. We require higher-quality studies to establish the efficacy of 5-HTP in treating depression.

Neuro Sleep contains a good mix of ingredients, including clinically tested supplements such as melatonin which can help reset the body’s internal clock. A healthy amount of magnesium helps relax the body. The drink contains 9g of sugar per serving. The proprietary blend also contains blueberry extract and Acai extract. Although they don’t directly affect sleep quality, these ingredients can help regulate the body’s overall health. Although 5-HTP can promote sleep, some side effects can be mild to severe. This includes the possibility of muscle disease EMS.

Neuro Sleep – Pricing:

Neuro Sleep can be purchased online via their official website and Amazon.Also, It is commonly available in convenience stores like CVS and grocery stores. Although online orders are possible, you cannot order more than 12 packs. A 12-pack of Neuro Sleep costs $28.49 on Amazon, while $26 on the product website. If the user used the product every day, it would cost them well over $60 per month.

There are no money-back or free trials offered. It is possible to return the product if it does not work or tastes bad. These products are available in several grocery and convenience stores, so consumers can only buy one bottle to test if they work.

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Neuro Seep – Return Policy:

The return product policy will vary depending on where you purchase the products.

Neuro Sleep -Flavours:

It is available in three flavors: Mellow Mango Tangerine Dream and Peach Apricot.

Neuro Sleep – Storage:

You should keep the product in the refrigerator at room temperature before opening. However, once opened, it must be refrigerated.

Neuro Sleep Dosage :

Proper use is between 30-60 minutes before you intend to sleep. You should consume 1/3 to 1 bottle of Neuro Sleep. Others may needless to induce sleep. Neuro Sleep will not force you to go to sleep. The product will only promote temporary sleepiness but not induce sleep.

Neuro Sleep – Contact Information :

Neurobrands LLC is the manufacturer of Neuro Sleep. They produce an extensive range of health and wellness beverages under the “Neuro” brand. Here is their contact information:

Address: Santa Monica,501 Santa Monica Blvd, CA 90401

Number : (310) 393-6444


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Neuro Sleep – Customer Reviews :

Review #1 :

“For years, I have struggled with sleep and have tried many different things. Neuro Sleep works, but I refuse to take Ambien or other drugs. They make me feel drowsy, and I feel drugged. I take 1/2-2/3rds of a bottle, and I can sleep through the night. I don’t like the sugar, but it does contain a lot. It doesn’t interfere. It is highly recommended!”

Review #2 :

“These drinks have been my favorite for many years. I’ve purchased them both in stores and online. They are delicious and give me an energy boost. However, They have recently changed the formula. They have also reduced the carbonation and calories. The new taste is not as exciting.”

Review #3 :

“The most interesting thing about my last order was the missing top. The fancy tops had disappeared, and the bottles were only fitted with a standard plastic screwtop that was much more difficult to open.
This stuff is amazing. The only thing that I have to be concerned about is the artificial sweetness. However, this is a small amount in comparison to other products. This product has a huge advantage: it works quickly. This product can cause minor stomach upsets, so I wouldn’t recommend ice-cold.
This contains all the vitamins and minerals your body requires, including Magnesium. Even though you may be taking Magnesium supplements, the supplement’s magnesium molecules are too large for the blood-brain barrier to allow them to reach your brain. Magnesium Citrate is in Neuro Sleep. It allows Magnesium to cross the blood-brain barrier. You get the following benefits:
Blood sugar balance, Optimal Circulation, blood pressure, cellular power production, pain relief, muscle relaxation, and better bone density with better Calcium balance. Joint and ligament flexibility are also improved.”

Review # 4:

“After a traumatic brain injury, I began this program, and it was a huge help. I had difficulty sleeping, memory problems, pain, headaches, and other issues. It helped me with almost everything!
Magnesium Citrate may cause diarrhea. The amount of Magnesium Citrate in this product is less than you would need to complete bowel evacuation. However, you will soon get used to the Magnesium Citrate, and your sleep will be better. Their products are amazing.”

Review # 5:

“This was a favorite drink of mine for many years. It is the perfect thing to help me fall asleep. The latest batch arrived with a new bottle (the same bottle but with a different cap).I found the first batch of the new batch to be strange tasting. But then I realized it might just have been me. The second bottle tasted strange the next night. I got up, went to bed, and determined that it was the right flavor. It turned out that the same flavor was actually in a different formula. The new one has “0” sugar. These things are not cheap. They will lose a customer if this is their future taste. It has the strange taste of diet drinks, with a horrible aftertaste that can last forever. It passed my “blind taste test,” so that’s a plus. Beware!

Neuro Sleep – Final verdict :

Neuro Sleep is a well-balanced product that has received positive reviews from consumers. It also helps to get them to sleep. However, we cannot recommend the product due to some issues.

The price is the main problem. It is often sold in small bottles at convenience and grocery stores. However, if you were to use it every night, the price would be significantly higher than the cost of other sleep aids. You also need to consider the calories and sugar that you would be ingesting. There are potential side effects to 5-HTP, and research is ongoing on more serious side effects. It seems that the product is best used when a person needs to go to sleep quickly, but it’s not practical for everyday use.

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